[PnP] Insubstantial

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Jul 6 03:54:22 CEST 2007

At 10:33 PM 7/4/07, you wrote:
>We have always played that levitate is required to move (no traction  

Same here.  Though for newbies to the system I did allow free movement.  Then got restrictive on the rules later on.  Though at times I can have gravity take some form of effect though no mass no gravity in theory.  But it is fun to add in.  For example your Insub and levitate runs out your still moving by sheer coasting for another phase.  Depending on how you move angle wise you could end up in the ground if a steep angle.  That's always fun.

>Insub is always a pain to deal with since it allows the characters to  
>bypass normal barriers that would otherwise slow them down or make  
>them change tactics.  A stone castle wall would take time, or at  
>least the noise of chipping away at it would alert sentries.

Ok.  That's very easy to handle.  But seeing as my players are likely reading this I better not comment here.  But I've come up with ways some very obvious solutions.  Remember.  I like Balance.  So this spell has a balance factor as well.  email me if you want some suggestions.
Energy Web I made the spell just for such a case of Insub folks :)

>It's one of those spells that is almost too cheap for the power it  

But what about the main Question.  Casting Insub within Insub?
Contact required?  Or can you do ghostly contact? 

Would like to see how Richard thought of this as the loop hole of being able to cast Insub from Insub is there.

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