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Thumbnails of the pocket attacked, though i sent Wout the large-scale maps.  They were too big to send, so I had to convert to Jpeg.

About the maps -- the embedded lakes are obviously "non-canon", but since I am extrapolating a small hex map that had no room for fluff I took a few liberties with my fractal generator to find "low-land" areas for such lakes.

The green "scruff" on the hills terrain indicates rough hills...this could be taken as areas of lots of undergrowth or more heavily wooded than open hill terrain.

Yes, not all the lakes are named.  Since most of them are in unclaimed (by humans) territory they have no names.  Likewise for the mountain peaks in the area.

As always, comments are welcome. 

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My email should handle 11MB at a time fine, so I (and I guess all of 
us) will eagerly await the maps.

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