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In my game HtH against an armored opponent would not give damage 
(subdual or real) to the attacker (as long as he or she has the 
skill). Having learned the skill HtH in my book implies that you know 
where to kick or stomp between the plates without damaging yourself.

If the skill is not known or only partially learned that might chance 
things in my book, but I don't have any rules for that.

We used some experimental fumbling rules in the past. A fumble (a 
miss with double numbers, 00, 99, 88 etc) might result in damage to 
the attacker. In that system damage to the attacker could occur and 
would be more likely if the skill was not learned, but this was not 
limited to HtH fighting.

At 08:17 2007-08-14, you wrote:

> >Yea, but a broken nose, in terms of killing the target, is really
> >still subdual since you won't die from a flat nose.  However, one
> >could use the Major wounds table (crushing) to interpret a longer
> >term disability like that.
>Actually a nose can be shoved up to the brain cavity and cause death
>or brain damage.  Has been some cases like that.  Not common.  But
>usually takes a hard hit.
>But in my example a kick yeah that'd not kill.
>So we have Foe A and B.  A wears chainmail and B nothing.
>B kicks A.  Does a severe hit does 10 points of damage.  But 
>wait.  B was given help by a Amplify Damage spell which adds 15 more points.
>That's a 25 point force hit with a simple boot.
>That's a heavy hit with a foot.  To me it just makes sense the foot 
>might be damaged more physically than subdual damage.  I dunno maybe 
>25% of subdaual or 30%.  I just gotta figure out a more better
>martial arts/hand to hand system.  Maybe use Fringeworthy's system 
>which is good.
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