[PnP] Updated player's guide

Kurgan Kurgan at Fastmail.fm
Tue Apr 10 08:03:41 CEST 2007

Hey guys,

    I decided to do a little more work on the player's guide. I
    gave the book new cover art on front and back, and added a few
    pages of artwork in key places within the book itself. Character
    sheets were moved to the back so they'd be better placed if the
    book were printed (I'm going to have one printed to game with),
    and the bookmarks were updated. I also inserted blank pages just
    inside the covers for proper spacing if printed.

    Note that one of the images has a little nudity, but I thought it
    worked pretty well, so I used it anyway, and the humorous, if
    slightly rude, comment on the back cover is not meant to offend. :)

    Also, for some reason it doesn't show quite right in Foxit, but it
    looks great in Acrobat.

    Hope you like it. Don't shoot me if you don't <grin>:

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=36NIFBEX  (6 MB)

Best regards,

   Kurgan                          mailto:Kurgan at Fastmail.fm

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