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Kurgan Kurgan at Fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 9 17:40:23 CEST 2007

Hey guys,

   I've already given this stuff to Wout, but figured you'd like to
   see it, too. :) I ran across a very nice scan of Adventures in
   Fantasy. Really cool to see how things progressed from it into P&P.

   Also, I created a "Player's Handbook" of sorts by combining and
   bookmarking books 1 & 2 of P&P, using the revised versions from the
   P&P website. I used the original box art for the front and back
   covers. I'm really pleased with how it came out (although the
   covers are rough, and obviously from a scan, which I'm tempted to
   replace with some different "cleaner" artwork), and am going to
   have a copy printed so I can use it for gaming. :) I think I'll
   move the character sheets to the very back, though, before I have
   that done. I placed them at the end of book 1, but that wouldn't
   work well for a print copy.

   Anyway, you can grab both here in one bundle:


   Ps. I've got scans of most of the Heroes magazines, and will be
   sending them to Wout for the website. However, there are still a
   few missing: Vol 1, #4, and Vol 2, #'s 3 & 4. If anyone has those,
   please say so. Be nice to get the full set up. :)
Best regards,

   Kurgan                          mailto:Kurgan at Fastmail.fm

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