[PnP] Ship Project - Installment #11 - Ship Gear

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat Sep 30 05:22:36 CEST 2006

       This week's installment #11 is on Water Based Equipment.
   This is only a appended list of items that over the years
   I've created or created for the ship project. I tried to
   come up with as much gear as I could that could fit into
   the environments.  Many items were used by bad guys oer
   Special Personalities over or new races over the years.  Then
   adapted for general use.
       Some things may seem silly but when you sit back and look
   later and develop around the item a history they don't.  For
   example the coral helmet is a misnomer.  No one would be caught
   dead with such a helmet.  But then again one fashioned from
   tough corral and treated to be lighter and tougher might.  This
   is no ordinary coral.  So some items may be misnamed in their
   purpose but had to come up with some names.
      I created some water based weapons (the trident would be a common
   water based creature item but was missing).    The animal table
   includes animals found in the water or around it.  Why have
   a list?  It could be as a pet or as food or as bait.   Need a
   moat full of Crocs but don't know the price?  With these
   items came up with animal equipment related to it.  
      Going on what Richard did for rents in the basic chart I
  came up with a table for water based areas like docs.  I then
  split it up between public, business and private means.
  This chart is rental prices like lodging prices not the cost
  to buy such structures.  For a list of the port types that
  will come in a later document.
      The travel chart includes prices which are expanded from
  the basic chart.  I tried to expand the basic chart and include
  thigns not mentioned.  BTW teh prices on travel and buildings
  I think are fair.  I worked a long time on these charts based
  on FACTUAL real time (ancient) costs and wages.  So I didn't throw
  some numbers together I did do some formal math to it.
      I expanded on the hirelings chart by adding a bunch.
      The Generic items I used factual data as well based on the
   book on Trireme construction for item prices and relating them
   to pnp terms via a conversion factor on common items and set
   prices.  Many of the items are ship based items.
      Ship's weapons is the only one I had to guess a bit on.
   Once I work on the combat document I'll come back and do this
   section more elaborate.

     This document is a work in progress.  I can add and change
   items as folks see fit.  As I get into the contruction and
   combat documents many things many change anyways.  But this
   is draft v1.

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