[PnP] Dumb Questions concerning P&P at 1 am in the morning

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sun Oct 22 00:06:16 CEST 2006

At 01:13 AM 10/21/06, Franklin Robertson wrote:
>As it is one in the morning here, a series of dumb questions come to my mind ...
>a)  considering the discussion on what mages and how many mages should be in the party...what would be a good "party" make up for a P&P GM and a new group that's never played the game before?  Possibly using the adventure Country Mordara as an example.

It depends.  Where you start and when.  Using PL or home brew.  Some cultures don't like mages.  Some do.  But for Mordara I'd say 1 Magic users, 1 healer (if not MU), and rest fighters.  The most experienced and math savvy should play the MU till everyone gets the jist of the game.

>b)  concerning Perilous Lands, the Dark City...there's the cutout of the city on page 3.  Is each horizontal line a level of the city or would there be sublevels that continue downward until you reach the Eye?  I've always been intrigued by the City but not wholely sure how and what way I should develop it beyond what is in the campaign boxset already.

Been awhile since looked at it.  But I believe each line is a level or floor of the city.  

>c)  maybe it is my mind at 1 in the morning, but (and this may be a twisted mind set of a thought) is it just me or does the P&P world setting kind of resemble that of John Norman's Gor novels more than, say, the Lord of the Rings kind of worldsetting?  Just me but it just seemed to have a rougher, more Babylonian or Greek setting mixture than King Arthur's kind of world setting.

No.  I think its more king Arthur if you dig into it.  There are barbarian and civilized cultures of all types.  Making it a multi diverse land.  More so than any othe rsetting I've seen in 25 plus years.  When I did work on my culture project about the culture book I read every line of the culture book and the detail that was put into the land is extraordinary.  The mix of ties and cultures intertwined took exhausting time to do I'm sure.  For those who tend to complain about it I've yet to see them try better as detailed or find a alternative ;).  You can literally spend YEARS of real life in the PL and  only see parts of the PL.  

>Again, dumb questions...what do you think? lol
No question is dumb until asked :)

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