[PnP] Dumb Questions concerning P&P at 1 am in the morning

Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Sat Oct 21 16:27:54 CEST 2006


A) With a group of 5 NEW players, I'd go with 1 full on spellcaster, 1 
semi-spellcaster/other mix, and three warrior types. After a few games 
are under their belts, I'd figure 1 spellcaster who does the 
'damage/travel' stuff, 1 spellcaster that does the 
'protection/detection' stuff, 1 guy who can fight a bit, cast a couple 
healing type spells, and maybe have a good all-around knowledge for 
cities/towns/civilization situations, two guys that can fight. You could 
'tweak' the fighter types to have a focus on 'thief-like' stuff and one 
that has an 'outdoorsman-like' theam to even more cover ground..

B) Never really used the Perilous Lands setting, always used home-brew.

C) Yes. Perilous Lands, to me, seems very "Conan-esque", with touches of 
Lankhmar. Very 'bronze-age-swords and sorcery' feeling to it. :)

Paul L. Ming

Franklin Robertson wrote:
> As it is one in the morning here, a series of dumb questions come to 
> my mind ...
> a)  considering the discussion on what mages and how many mages should 
> be in the party...what would be a good "party" make up for a P&P GM 
> and a new group that's never played the game before?  Possibly using 
> the adventure Country Mordara as an example.
> b)  concerning Perilous Lands, the Dark City...there's the cutout of 
> the city on page 3.  Is each horizontal line a level of the city or 
> would there be sublevels that continue downward until you reach the 
> Eye?  I've always been intrigued by the City but not wholely sure how 
> and what way I should develop it beyond what is in the campaign boxset 
> already.
> c)  maybe it is my mind at 1 in the morning, but (and this may be a 
> twisted mind set of a thought) is it just me or does the P&P world 
> setting kind of resemble that of John Norman's Gor novels more than, 
> say, the Lord of the Rings kind of worldsetting?  Just me but it just 
> seemed to have a rougher, more Babylonian or Greek setting mixture 
> than King Arthur's kind of world setting.

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