[PnP] Rule 4.511 Spell Failure due to injury

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Oct 19 22:01:55 CEST 2006

At 08:54 AM 10/19/06, you wrote:
>I was considering implementing a "wizard under fire" rule for my legacy game (the two magic users both have high MELs).

That's a simple rule that could work.  This is why our group came up with a possible "by hit" rule.  The simple version is based on amount of damage you have taken.  

A 20 hit point wizard takes 4 damage during combat.  That's 20% of his hit points so he loses 20% on casting ie +20.  Making it so that the higher the damage the less chance from pain. 

But this is a fairly easy rule.  Others have debated that casting speed, EL and MEL should have some play.  As one gets higher in EL they can speak (ie have memorized) the words faster.  Same with MEL with experience maybe short cut words are learned.  But placing MEL and EL into the formula has been hard to do.  Some have thought of it like

((Amount of Damage)/Total HPV) gives percentage


So MEL 5 EL3 Wizard total hits of 10.  Is hit with arrrow casting fireball.  He takes 4.  (4/10)=40%.  +40 to casting success.
-5 (MEL) -30 ((ELx10)
+40 -35 = +5% to success roll.

We've not play tested it fully though.  Obviously someone with a EL10 would have auto success.  So the EL could be tweaked to ELx2 or x5.

With did some testing with the top simple rule and it worked well for some.  Not the added MEL/EL effects.

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