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Ok, here is a revised version of the table.  Taking Alex's concerns, I rendered the 100 spots into a bell-curve ranging from 0 to 90 (average 45).  For easy access, the squares are color-coded.  Pondering the various degrees of Scout one might hire, I calculated human average (with some tweaks to represent someone with talent going into the field, not joe average).  This produced trained, skilled and expert scouts.

By this table, if you have an EL80 Nav and survival EL10 under basic conditions you need not bother with the chart.  Likewise, EL40 and EL5 in the survival (or EL45 nav) if you have plenty of landmarks.

Hmm. And EL45 is your skilled scout.  I'll take that as you, Alex. :}

The bell curve means that Players skilled beyond the EL45 area will have much fewer failures.  Likewise, those groups who skimp on their Navigation would be advised to do what the other peasants do and stick to the roads.

The classifications are there so you can hire local Scouts.  Need to figure out what their rates should be.

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