[PnP] Ship Project - Special/Unique Ships

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sun Oct 8 03:40:29 CEST 2006

At 12:40 AM 10/7/06, Choinski, Burton wrote:
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Well Richard inserted River Barges into the game years ago.  This is just a new version of river craft.  If I recall (been long time since i did that document) it was a Balance thing to the Giants of old.  Some even see it as a tourist and pride thing now.  River warships have been used quite often in history.  France, Germany and the UK years many over the centuries.  They may or may not (but tend not to be) sea worthy but they are still craft.  A navy or ship is relative in teh document as it implies a Boat, Dingy or big ship.  The term is interchangeable.  Look at Fomoria and their sacred lake.  They would surely have craft there and its land locked!  Heck didn't Peter the Great or some Czar make a couple warships for the Caspian sea?  

        But of course i thought you didn't play in the PL universe so it wouldn't affect you much :)

Heck, in 193x?  They found a few roman WARships and a emporer palace ship in one of their italy lakes landlocked after the Nazis fled.  Saw that on NOVA a few years ago.  So if your rich enough you can spend money to have warships on a lake or pond or even swimming pool if you want :)

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