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I don't consider lake boats a real navy. :}

If they have a modern steel DD or BC haunting those lakes, I'll reconsider my comment. :}

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But there IS a Swiss navy. They even have ships ;-} :

More info:


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>I'm sorry, but the concept of a "Caldan Navy" is like thinking of a 
>Swiss navy...I can't wrap my mind around such a meme.
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>    * Special / Mythical / Legendary Ships
>      This section details special and unique ships that has roamed the
>      Perilous Lands throughout history.  Many are legendary while
>      others are simple yet have special purpose.  The exact details of
>      the ship is up to the Referee, this section only details a starting
>      point.  The Size and Crew for example are largely up to the Referee
>      unless stated otherwise.  These ships are in no particular order
>      or priority.  These ships will first be listed with their home
>      nation listed then the name or purpose of the ship.  The following
>      sections are outlined here:
>        1. A'korchu - Griffin Korchu Deathwing Carrier / Death Ship
>           A. Korchu Deathwing Griffin Carrier
>           B. Korchi Death Ship
>        2. Ba'rual  - "White Jolt"
>        3. Bhaomtin - Order of Fiery Citadel fleet
>        4. Caldo    - Dagger Giant Ballista boat / Stone ships
>        5. Choshai  - Timber/Wood Ships
>        6. Clima    - Pirate/Raiders, Tribute, Priestess Boat
>           A.  Climan Pirates/Raiders
>           B.  Climan Tribute Ships
>           C.  Climan Priestess Ships
>        7. Dawana   - Missionary Order - Missionary boats with towers
>        8. Dechat   - Dechat Pirates
>        9. Dirllar  - Swamp Boats / Pirate Swamp boat / Smuggler
>           A.  Dirllar Swamp Boat
>           B.  Dirllar Pirate Swamp Boats
>           C.  Dirllar Smuggler
>       10. Djanesborg - Archer boat / Pirate Archer boat
>           A. Archer Boat
>           B. Archer Pirate Boats
>       11. Donara - Ghost ship of Evil One / Sea Star
>           A. Evil One Ghost Ship
>           B. Sea Star Ships
>       12. Ashudan - Jewel merchant ship
>       13. Kingdom of East - Asaoc Smuggler Ships
>       14. Fomoria - Tribute Ships / Fog Ships / Ma'chela
>           A. Tribute Ships
>           B. Fog Ships
>           C. The Fomorian Ma'chela
>       15. Port Doman - Slaver ships
>       16. Fierazi - Del'nord prophecy ship
>       17. Katai Junk
>       18. Kazi - Dagger Challenge Raft
>       19. Kll'maun - Sorceress Ship
>       20. Novarask - Crystal Ship
>       21. Ticasi - Scholar of Magic Ship / Ticasi schools
>           A. Magic Training ship
>           B. Other School Ships
>      These represent the most special, noteworthy, mystical and
>      unusual ships of the Perilous Lands.  More details are in
>      the following sections.
>      1. A'korchu - Griffin Korchu Deathwing Carrier / Death Ship
>         A. Korchu Deathwing Griffin Carrier
>            In the land of A'korchu Griffins are royal animals and
>         respected.  As a result the navy has formed a small force of
>         specially built ships that carry these animals from place to
>         place over the sea.  In times of war these ships can number up
>         to 5 but usually only 2 exist at any one time in active service.
>         At least one stays in or near Korchu city at all times.  Only
>         those the God Emporer gives permission to or his nobles may
>         ride these beasts so this force is a elite support service of
>         the navy.  These craft tend to be ready with 60 rowers and can
>         hold up to 30 griffins in their special holds which allow the
>         beasts to escape up into the air on a moment's notice. These
>         craft tend to look just like horse carriers so a enemy ship may
>         be caught off guard when a flock of flying griffin riders are
>         sent their way.
>            Recently in a battle with Dirllar one such Griffin Carrier
>         was used.  It turned the battle for the warships against the
>         strong pirate group.  The pirates were so much surprised they
>         could not fight on two fronts and were quickly defeated.
>            This ship itself is not a warship but serves to support
>         warships.  Most of these ships stay along the main island's
>         coastline rather than stray in deep water.  Working with these
>         beasts on water can be deadly at times if the animals scare from
>         magic or storms.  Because of this it is normal to have one deck
>         hand play music to calm the griffins down in their pens.  In at
>         least one situation a storm caused one carrier to get lost and
>         the animals got so scared they killed 2 sailors and 1 warrior
>         until they were calmed down and taken under control.  While
>         serving on these ships is a priviledge it is also a high risk.
>            In A'Korchu Griffins are sacred animals tied to the god
>         Murmur.  Their breeding and use is proscribed without the
>         explicit permission of the God Emperor and/or the temples of
>         Nergal or Murmur.  As a result they are only used for military
>         purposes or as guardians by Korchi divines, as a general rule.
>         Given this status, the penalty for killing a griffin, wild or
>         not, is worse than death.
>            One of the standing vessels is stationed at the capital,
>         berthing at the God Emperor's dock, during peace. The others
>         may berth at the city of Nerghu. While others may sail in
>         regimented patrols around the island.
>         Suggested details: Trireme size but not ram capable.  Use of
>         ram would scare the animals.  Depending on time of the year and
>         war preparation 2-5 exist. Two carry 30 Griffins. The others
>         will have 10 or 20.  One Griffin Master controls and treats the
>         beasts like a Husbander if hurt or need to help the warriors.
>         One sailor deck hand per 10 Griffin's serve as helpers for
>         warriors preparing mounts, weapons and armor.  Those same deck
>         hands will also serve to clean the holds when not doing their
>         other duties.  Due to length of food stores ships typically only
>         sail 1-2 days out of supply line range or a nearby friendly port.
>         In a pinch, the Captain will feed a slave or crewman he doesn't
>         like to the Griffins.  Notoriety of these ships is 10 (See Site
>         Book for the use of Notoriety).  The chance to encounter such a
>         craft along the shoreline is 1 in every 100 miles of coastline
>         (10%).  They are on constant patrol to keep the people in line.
>         Korchi griffin riders are known and feared by all the nations in
>         their sway. The existence of these ships is also.
>         B. Korchi Death Ship
>            This legendary ship has been known to exist for over 400 years
>         some believe.  The stories of this ship are told to kids by
>         parents to make them sleep and behave on the A'korchu island.  It
>         is part of the God Emperer's elite fleet.  This ship is of
>         Trireme size and speed.  The captain is a Lich. 6 lesser priests
>         of Nergal or Murmur who help control the crew support him.  All
>         crewmen are dead under the total thrall of the Lich Captain.
>         Various beasts (D6) may be present on the ship to help fight.
>         Depending on the God Emperor's standing with the Court of Nergal,
>         and the political situation, the elite fleet will have 1-3 of
>         these vessels.
>            When this ship enters battle it emits a large cloud that
>         operates as Fog of Death.  The ship itself seems to seep this
>         fog out into the water from the very hull itself around the ship.
>         The ship will try to grapple enemy ships then board to kill those
>         who were unlucky to die from the fog.  This ship is used in battle
>         to engage the strength of the enemy force. Encountered at other
>         times it only engages warships and large merchant vessels.
>         Anything less is ignored.  The chance of survival for anyone
>         encountering this ship who can't escape (highly rare) is slim
>         to none.
>            The crew does not need food or other normal supplies so rarely
>         will they take booty unless they are in need of some material for
>         repair of their ship.
>         Suggested details: Trireme size and crew details.  Fog of Death
>         ability should be a few hexes outside the hull in a surrounding
>         nature (EL1D3+6).  Since triremes tend to be large craft this
>         makes a large fog bank.  The ship itself may not have any other
>         weapons but can ram.  The crew itself may not be as fully strong
>         as a normal trireme in some cases 80% of normal crew size due to
>         loss of crew.  But if the Lich needs he will take captives to
>         create more dead sailors for him to control.  This ship has a
>         notoriety of 5.  While it may be known on the main island outside
>         this area it has a mythical sense to it.  Most will think it only
>         a myth since eyewitnesses are few if ever to survive.  The chance
>         of encounter is slim or as high as 3% per ocean hex around A'korhu
>         (coastline).  This ship has been known to sail as far west as the
>         eastern side of Goidan, south as the mainland coastline and as
>         far east at the Dirllar swamps.
>      2. Ba'rual  - "White Jolt"
>            This ship is owned by Kixer Armon of Ba'rual city  a rich and
>         powerful merchant.  The "White Jolt" is named due to its purpose
>         as a water headquarters for selling weapons.  Kixer will use this
>         ship to conduct business in arms dealing that may be legal or
>         illegal in some places.  The sailors are well trained and
>         moderately paid to serve the captain (an ex-Marentian citizen
>         named Ando Morz).  The captain is highly skilled as a seaman and
>         navigator.  The ship has a large hold that can store many weapons.
>         This hold also serves at times as a walking shop where clients
>         can enter and buy weapons.  Staterooms also are lavish to berth
>         clients and conduct deals over a feast.  The ship has varying
>         levels of ship weapons of a light nature (small catapults,
>         ballista, archery weapons, etc.).  These weapons will shift
>         depending on the amount of cargo on board, status of client
>         and the destination of the ship.  Kixer may often visit the
>         ship himself but he will tend to have his second in command
>         handle the "dirty" business.  This ship was specially built
>         and is sea-worthy but it tends to stay on Lake Cholchara to
>         conduct its business.  However in some rare occasions when the
>         profit is enough over the journey expenses the ship will sail
>         down through Lake Sivas and out into the Sea of Tears to perform
>         special deals.  Nerid and the Rogizini Empire tend to be the
>         farthest this ship will go.  There is profit to be had north of
>         the Zen'da plains but Kixer knows the danger is too great
>         sailing up the rivers of the plains so he will not sail north
>         of Cholchara Lake.  Notoriety of this ship is only 1 since it
>         is kept private in most public circles.  However, in criminal
>         organizations its notoriety is at least 3.
>         Suggested Details: Merchant class ship with one large hold and one
>         small hold. The small one is a mini shop for displaying wares. The
>         other is the cargo hold.  Crew is normal for merchant class ships.
>         There is an additional 2D10+2 guards depending on the value of the
>         arms and the clients on board.  Guards are loyal to Captain Ando
>         and Merchant Prince Kixer. The sailors may be varying loyalty to
>         captain Ando but fear Kixer totally. Ship weapons are light. It
>         has no ram.  The ship has a special flag that reveals its
>         identity to those who may know it (pirates, criminal gangs or
>         clients). Weapon loads do not alter ship speed. Exact cargo
>         loads depend on the Referee.  There is a basic encounter chance
>         of 3-5% or up to Referee to determine.
>      3. Bhaomtin - Order of Fiery Citadel fleet
>            This small elite warship fleet is based around the island lake
>         area where Bhamotin city is.  This Order guards the entire lake
>         from any intruders.  At least that's the theory.  In practice
>         however it's been a long time since any nation got that far
>         inland. Therefore, while an elite force, the ships tend to be
>         lax. This small group of ships helps to train the elite marines
>         of the nation.  The lake itself may only have 150 miles of water
>         so the chance of encountering any single Fiery ship is at least
>         5%. These ships are known to have specially made Fire Weapons
>         (firepot, fire catapults, flame-thrower, fire archery weapons,
>         etc.).  These ships tend to only stay in the lake but if the
>         need is serious they may go up the river on a rare special
>         mission.  These ships are personally overseen by the Bishop
>         Admiral from his offices in Bhamotin city.  Their commander is
>         the Primate of the Knights of the Fiery Citadel.
>         Suggested details: Bireme size warships. Normal design with
>         special flame related weapons. It is a fleet of five ships. The
>         flagship's hull has magically cured timber. It is exceptionally
>         hard. Notoriety of these ships is only 2 since they are in a
>         restricted area. Most do not know they exist. Suggested number of
>         ships is 5-7 at any one time (gives about 1 ship per lake hex at
>         any one time with 7).
>      4.  Caldo    - Dagger Giant Ballista boat / Stone ships
>            These ships are drenched in the history of Caldo and its wars
>         against Giants.  These ships reflect those past wars as they
>         are the guardians of Caldo against Giants of all kinds.  Even
>         if such Giants are not as common as they once used to be, these
>         ships serve as a morale and comfornting boost to the people.
>         These ships are specially built to contain Giant killing weapons.
>         These weapons tend to be ballista or catapults with stones that
>         can kill a giant with a single skilled hit.  ?he crews of these
>         ships are trained in such battles even to the point of fake Giant
>         targets in the river.  The army itself will lure Giants to the
>         river where these ships can then act.  The Dagger Guard ships
>         have estimated to kill over 285 giants in their past using these
>         boats in recent recorded history.  These ships stay in Caldo's
>         main river port berthed 95% of the year.  The other times of
>         the year they may be on parade or training sessions.  The chance
>         of encountering such a craft in Caldan territory on the river
>         is 2%.  In the past there have been times when even the Mountain
>         Dwarves have asked for help where the river goes through the
>         mountains.
>         Suggested Details: Small warship or penteconter size.  Should
>         have 1-5 Giant killing weapons per ship of the fashion and type
>         the Referee chooses.  The most common weapon would be a stone
>         throwing catapult where the deck has loads of large stones that
>         need 1-3 sailors just to load such stones.  The weight of these
>         stones may slow the craft down.  Generally most ships will have
>         D30 of Giant stones (the size of a giant head), D20+20 Medium
>         stones (half a head size) and up to D100 Small stones that will
>         wear down Giants as they pelt the Giant.  A good placed Giant
>         Stone can kill a giant if hit in the right place on the head.
>         Small stones do not kill but Medium stones can kill with
>         cumulative wounds. The number of these ships should be 1-3 at
>         any one time (D3) that exist.  No more than 3 was generally ever
>         needed.  The notoriety of these ships are only 4 on the scale as
>         everyone in Caldo knows about them.  Sidh may know about them but
>         most other human cultures may care less.  Up against human
>         warships these warships may battle normally but small stones
>         will do no damage to ships (will hurt crew).  Giant stones are
>         known to hull a ship while medium stones are known to take out
>         masts and people on deck.
>      5. Choshai  - Timber/Wood Ships
>            These ships are merchant class ships or large sea barges that
>         are known as Timber carriers. They are specially designed to
>         efficiently haul the vast amounts of timber from their forests.
>         While it may carry small amounts of wood on deck it doesn't
>         carry wood in holds like most ships. The ship is equipped with
>         raft like pods alongside and to the rear (tied by strong rope
>         or metal chains).  These pods carry the bulk of the wood to
>         the final destination.  Each pod has the wood tied down so
>         they do not fall into the water or overturn. They use bladders
>         under the raft pods for balance.  The advantage is these ships
>         carry THREE times the amount of timber that most other merchant
>         ships carry. In some rare cases ships of double size can carry
>         4-5 times as much instead of 3 times (but these ships are more
>         rare and expensive). The disadvantage of these ships is they
>         tend to be unwieldy and hard to maneuver.  In stormy or high
>         seas these pods can be dangerous to the mothership and so are
>         often let loose. These special timber ships only sail in calm
>         seas.
>         Suggested details: Merchant or barge ships. They are rowed
>         or towed from place to place.  There are 3 sets of timber pods.
>         Each "pod" is a large raft as small as 5x5 or as large as 50x50
>         feet wide They have bladders to keep them steady in the water
>         and chains/rope to tie them to the mothership. Each pod may have
>         a single person to help navigate them into position or control
>         the timber weight if they shift.  One set of pods (1-3) is
>         directly to the rear of the mothership. To the right and left
>         of the ship is another set of pods (1-4) that are tied directly
>         on the mothership or extended out to float freely by rope or
>         chain. The crews of these ships are so highly skilled in
>         controlling these pods but it takes total concentration. The
>         ship will have an additional 1-5 sailors for the handling of
>         the pods from the motership (via signals and flags) depending
>         on the amount of pods. These civilian ships are not combat
>         ready. They will jettison their pods and flee if threatened.
>         These ships have a notoriety of 2.  They are not famous outside
>         the territory but passing merchants do tell of their unique
>         design and thus get the word out.
>      6. Clima    - Pirate/Raiders, Tribute, Priestess Boat
>            All facets of life in Clima are ruled by covens of priestesses
>         who worship the Court of Sammael. Their authority is not open to
>         question and is enforced with the strictest authoritarian
>         discipline.
>            The ruling coven of the culture is called the Ghova Hand. It
>         is organized as follows:
>            RANK    TITLE       DUTIES
>            1    Immortal Ghova  Command over all facets of Climan life.
>                                 Her will is law.
>            2    Left Ghova      High Priestess of the Faith.
>            3    Right Ghova     Administrator of the Civilian Government.
>            4    Mah Sangho      Administrator of the Military
>            5    Lamagho         Administrator of Foreign Affairs
>            6    Kahgho          Administrator of Trade Affairs
>            7    Inaigho         Governor of the Capital District
>            8    Horagho         Governor of Vizan
>            9    Famagho         Governor of Shimama
>           10    Eagho            Governor of Melecin
>           11    Damagho          Overseer of Islands and Colonies
>           12    Caigho           Administrator of Piracy
>           13    Banagho          Administrator of Public Rites and
>                                  Public Safety
>            Immortal Ghova - The Bride of Sammael, Dictator of all, etc.
>         She is the absolute ruler of the Climan state and sets all policy.
>         As long as her perfection is unquestionable that cannot change.
>         When she proves fallible, she is sacrificed and one of her coven
>         becomes the new bride.
>            Left Ghova - Oversees all temples, temple lands, the treasury
>         and all sects worshipped in Clima. In charge of persecuting and
>         eradicating non-approved cults. Handles major rituals that do not
>         demand the Immortal Ghova.
>            Right Ghova - Oversees civilian government at all levels to
>         insure its efficient operation and adherence to the faith.
>         Commands a secret group of inquisitors who aid in this task.
>            Mah Sangho - Overseer of the Army, Navy and Marines. She is
>         responsible for training, equipment and insuring that the serving
>         personnel adhere to the faith.
>            Lamagho - Minister of State. In charge of Climan diplomacy and
>         espionage.
>            Kahgho - Overseer of Internal and External trade. Governor of
>         the office of Taxation. As the only nation Clima has barely
>         legitimate trade dealings with is the Rogizini Empire, she
>         coordinates a lot of smuggling operations.
>            Inaigho - Commands the Immortal Palace, the High Temple of
>         Sammael and the Sacred Guard. She is responsible for insuring
>         the sanctity and devout faith of all three.
>            Horagho - Governor of Vizan and commander of its garrison.
>         Rules the faith in the Vizan district and is responsible for the
>         area's security.
>            Famagho - As for Horagho except for Shimama.
>            Eagho - As for Horagho except for Melecin.
>            Damagho - In charge of security for all Climan owned islands
>         and colonies. She insures the strength of the faith in these
>         areas and works to eradicate the influence of other religions.
>         She is also responsible for utilizing the areas profitably.
>            Caigho - Overseer of Climan Piracy and the slave trade. She
>         must insure all individuals involved operate as the government
>         requires. She also insures that Clima receives its proper share
>         of all profits (30%).
>            Banagho - As administrator of Public Safety she commands all
>         police forces and courts on the home island. Those forces work
>         with those of her sisters to insure the complete devotion of the
>         people. It is also her duty to plan and orchestrate the many
>         important public rites Clima practices. She insures that they
>         occur properly and that all citizens play their part devoutly.
>         As many of those rites are orgies, it can be an interesting task.
>            Clima has mastered the sea in its long history. As a result it
>         has many ships. While there are no super ships there are ships
>         that need special mention.
>         A.  Climan Pirates/Raiders
>             Piracy is a state sponsored and controlled profession for
>         the pirate groups that work out of Clima. The three main island
>         cities of Shimana, Melecin and Vizan have headquarters to 3 major
>         groups. All pirate vessels are rated as auxiliaries in the Climan
>         fleet. They fight as such in time of war. During peace they operate
>         with a degree of independence. A select council of priestesses
>         chaired by the Caigho administers them and collects taxes on their
>         profit. As needed, they can and will send vessels on missions for
>         the faith.  These pirate groups primarily operate in a two hundred
>         mile wide circle around the home island. The primary targets for
>         raiding are Bhamoti and Aratad shipping. They do not restrict
>         themselves from taking others. The primaries are who they are
>         looking for and who earns them the greatest bonus from the faith.
>         These pirate groups are always fighting for control of the Sea of
>         Tears against the Portan Pirates. These ships are fast and can
>         overtake most normal craft on the water. Most of the pirate groups
>         are all male but there may be an occasional female sailor,
>         ex-priestess or priestess throwbacks that help them. The pirates
>         choose their prey wisely. They will not raid a simple fishing
>         craft but will target merchant ships that pass by fairly quickly.
>         Suggested details: Penteconter class warship or small sailing
>         vessel. Pirate captains may be skilled or trained by the military.
>         Climan pirates often take prisoners to sell as slaves or ransom.
>         These ships are oriented for speed rather than ship-to-ship
>         combat. This speed is used to elude as well as pursue enemy craft.
>         Cargo space is large for their size. The notoriety of these pirates
>         is 6. All of the Sea of Tear nations have heard of them. Those
>         outside the sea may have heard stories but don't fear them as much.
>         B.  Climan Tribute Ships
>             These merchant class ships serve to support official state or
>         civilian pirate operations. They are cargo ships meant to store
>         booty and tribute. There is a moneylender on board who does
>         nothing but record the tributes and booty gained. She is employed
>         by the Council of Overseers and responsible to them. While these
>         ships are the end result of raids they are also a target FOR
>         raids by other pirates and nations. Such ships that encounter
>         tribute ships find higher than usual treasure amounts. The chance
>         of encountering a tribute ship without some protection or among a
>         convoy is slim. If a convoy exists there is a 10% chance of a
>         tribute being there.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ship that tends to tag along
>         with pirate raids or actions. These ships may have a guard or two
>         to protect the booty and vaults. Other ships prey on these ships.
>         They utilize hidden money vaults on board so the crew does not
>         lose that much. Referee should determine the location and details
>         of these areas. The notoriety of the tribute ships is 3.
>         C.  Climan Priestess Ships
>             Priestesses rule Clima. They control the fate of the nation at
>         all times. A Priestess is always present on any Climan vessel
>         trireme size or larger. Where a single priestess is present, she
>         has at least one acolyte or slave servicing her. There is a 25%
>         chance of one being present on any other military ship and a 10%
>         chance on any Climan ship of merchant size or higher. In time of
>         war, flagships are manned by an entire coven of priestesses.
>         Often, the Ghova and her personal coven man the flagship of the
>         main fleet. These Priestesses are trained in the powers of the
>         sea and other forces. The power level of the priestess on a
>         Climan military ship is as follows:
>               D100     MEL     D100    MEL    D100   MEL
>               01-10     2      61-69    7     95+96   12
>               11-22     3      70-78    8       97    13
>               23-35     4      79-85    9       98    14
>               36-50     5      86-90   10       99    15
>               51-60     6      91-94   11      100    16+
>             This is the MEL of the priestess encountered on board the ship.
>         If it is MEL16 or higher there is a chance that the High Priestess
>         or higher Temple priestess are on a ship for some special ritual
>         on a nearby island (thus in transit rather than helping in naval
>         operations).  For civlian craft that do have priestess in private
>         service the MEL chart is used above but with a Roll Modifier of
>         -20.  This reflects that these Priestess may not have cut it in
>         Priestess society or their faith.
>         Suggested details: For ships with Priestess there tends to only
>         be one Priestess max.  Personal space of the sect and inner
>         politics tend to prevent more than one priestess being on one
>         ship unless they are going to a nearby ceremonial island for a
>         ritual.  She may have a untrained acolyte with her as aides but
>         they will likely not be prepared for magic at this stage (due to
>         age and personal competition).  If these acolytes are trained
>         in magic they will likely be in a training cruise with the
>         Priestess. Sailors respect these Priestess and give them deference
>         at all times.  Notoriety of these ships is 6 as for the pirates.
>      7. Dawana   - Missionary Order - Missionary boats with towers
>             Religion is the center of life for Dawana. While they do
>         not have a strong military or even a civilian fleet they do believe
>         in spreading the faith.  As a result over the centuries they have
>         sent out missionary ships from the Missionary Order.
>             Their faith is an applied, sophisticated, Daoist doctrine that
>         guides all aspects of life for the faithful. Those who become
>         priests fanatically adhere to these tenets.  Seventy percent of
>         the priesthood are common priests. They follow the tenets of the
>         faith and apply them at home. Their goal is to help everyone gain
>         the greatest understanding and benefit possible. Another 25% of
>         the priesthood belongs to various militant orders. They emulate
>         the might of nature as they master the philosophy of the faith.
>         Their goal is perfection of their arts and defense of the people
>         from evil and/or invaders. The final 5% of the faith belongs to
>         the Missionary order. It is their mission to spread the blessing
>         of the faith to other cultures. They strive to do so in any way
>         that fate allows. One such method is with Missionary ships. The
>         Missionary Order reads divine omens and sends out missionary ships
>         at religiously auspicious times. 1D3-1 such vessels are sent each
>         year. Missionary ships spend years on the high seas trying to
>         convert people to the faith. Some have been as far west as Fomoria
>         and Goidan and as far north as Choshai. One's discovery of the
>         Eastern Lands greatly aided Dawana's struggle for independence.
>         Few return in less than five years and many are never heard of
>         again. Many persecute these craft or arrest the sailors if they
>         wish to. The Missionary Order has learned to deal with those who
>         hate them and spread the faith to the worthy.
>             This skill in reading a person is mastered by the Head
>         Missionary on each ship. He will be at least Inai rank and has
>         a group with him who are also skilled in the faith. There will be
>         4-6 of these assistants. The rest of the personnel on the ship are
>         its crew. It has eight sailors who are not priests and at least
>         two priests from one of the militant orders. The common sailors
>         are likely to learn much and return home as initiates of the
>         priesthood. The sailors and missionaries will fight fiercely to
>         defend the ship and faith. Each ship has a special mini-temple
>         where daily worship is done and serves as a floating site to
>         preach to those they meet.
>             A feature of the ship is an Astronomical Tower. This tower
>         allows the Head Missionary to navigate with the stars since maps
>         may not be well researched. It also serves as a focus for
>         astronomical study of the powers that influence the natural
>         beings and forces they worship. The chance of encountering these
>         craft is slim. It would have to be a special situation the Referee
>         determines. There may only be 1 ship of this nature in every 2000
>         miles of sea.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ship. The total crew is 15-20
>         people. It has a designated temple to serve as a church area
>         either on deck or below deck (enough room for 10-15 people).
>         This church takes the place of a normal cargo hold.  The Tower
>         is a forecastle that is 10x10 feet in size max and 10 feet tall.
>         At the top are plates that can be moved to allow viewing of the
>         stars with navigational aids. Special mirrors act as a primitive
>         telescope to reflect the night sky on a solid black table. Rituals
>         are done on this table to gain favor with the gods. If this tower
>         is destroyed or burnt down the morale of the crew decreases. If
>         the church area or the sacred Dawanese books are destroyed the
>         crew will avenge the destruction. These ships are not battle ready.
>         Notoriety of these ships is 8 around the island of Lemasa but
>         only 3 within 1000 miles of Dawana.  Beyond that notoriety of
>         the ships goes down to 1.
>      8. Dechat   - Dechat Pirates
>             The Dechan pirates are known in the waters south of the Sea
>         of Tears as a fierce group with the same level of respect as
>         the Climan and Portan Pirates. They tend not to take prisoners.
>         They don't attack Cerulean ships. Exempting them preserves Dechat
>         from conquest by the Cerulean Empire and provides a large market
>         for their loot. Any other nation is open season. Rogizini ships
>         are attacked on sight.
>             The city's black market is huge and not controlled by a
>         single family or group. There is a non-binding agreement by the
>         major captains in dealing with booty. Certain captains go after
>         certain materials. This agreement is understood by the 5 major
>         captains and is rarely broken without a good reason.  If one
>         group finds booty the other group "owns" they sell the goods
>         to that group at a fair price. The chart of goods is as follows:
>              Sea Captain       Booty preferred
>              Noman Kha         Gems
>              Ali Mala          Slaves
>              Serban            Armor/Weapons
>              Lady Boma         Spices and Drugs
>              9 Others          Everything else
>             The top 4 sea captains have extensive spy networks which
>         inform them of shipments of the goods they seek. Their council
>         effectively rules the nation of Dechat. The city's Emir does
>         not dare oppose them and profits greatly by giving them their
>         head.
>         Suggested details: Warship class small to penteconter size. Most
>         of their vessels are small, lateen rigged sailing ships.  Many
>         of the pirates are trained archers and may have archery based
>         ship weapons. Noman Kha's flagship is Bireme size,  double
>         masted and armed with a ballista.
>         NOTE - Noman Kha and Lady Boma tend to operate EAST of Dechat.
>         They raid Teosan shipping and the Katai trade primarily. Ali
>         Mala and Serban are most commonly found WEST of Dechat. Their
>         prey is generally Ma'helan, Fomorian and Rogizini shipping.
>      9. Dirllar  - Swamp Boats / Pirate Swamp boat / Smuggler
>             Dirllar is full of swamps and thus the natives have taken it
>         to themselves to use the swamps to their advantage. Smuggling is
>         one of the major nautical endeavors of Dirllar. Given the Korchi
>         presence, they can have no viable sea trade otherwise. A part of
>         the system for smuggling depends on special swamp boats.  There
>         are two common swamp boats used in Dirllar's large swamp area.
>         A.  Dirllar Swamp Boat
>             These boats are used by most swamp folk to travel the various
>         inlets and shifting wetlands. They have become experts in Swamp
>         Survival and movement tactics. Most boats are minimal draft. They
>         can navigate in very shallow waters. These folks use the swamp to
>         hide, fish and move place to place without much trouble.  Merchants
>         from Dirlla use these boats to move goods to pick up boats for
>         their smugglers or ship goods up to Djanesborg.
>             These boats are lighter than most ships. In some cases they
>         can be carried over clumps of land. Many of these boats are simple
>         rowboat type craft. Some aren't fast but use the swamp to hide in
>         case of danger, almost blending in with the growth.  The notoriety
>         of these boats is only 1 as they are known in Dirllar but most
>         outsiders never hear of them. The swamps are huge covering over
>         500 miles of swamp land so the chance of encountering a swamp
>         boat tends to be 15% if they want to be found or 7% if they
>         don't want to be.
>         Suggested details: Raft or Rowboat/Canoe style boats.  They are
>         swift moving in open areas but slow down in areas where the
>         floating plant growth like lily pads are numerous.  These boats
>         and users get bonuses in movement through the swamp compared to
>         outsiders while skill bonuses in Survival and Ambush tactics in
>         the swamp.
>         B.  Dirllar Pirate Swamp Boats
>             The same as Swamp boats but slightly larger to allow for
>         more men and cargo (booty) to be carried. In some cases the
>         pirates use a small barge style craft. There are 4 main pirate
>         groups that work out in the swamps to prey on their own people
>         or unwary travelers who enter the swamp. While all 4 groups may
>         enter the city to sell their wares they have hidden bases in
>         the swamp.
>             The pirates do not kill unless they must. Those who are
>         unlucky enough to find their base are doomed. These bases may
>         move twice a year due to flooding or being chased by other groups
>         or the military. These boats do not have advanced weapons. They
>         may have platforms where warriors can fire bows while the craft
>         moves. The notoriety of these boats are 2 as they tend to be
>         more feared due to stories told by survivors but still not
>         famous. The chance of encountering these pirates may only be 3%
>         if they want to be found or 1% in any swamp hex if not.
>         Suggested details: Raft or barge size craft with some space for
>         cargo and provisions. Bases should alternate in various places
>         during the year. The number of pirate boats should be 1-4 boats
>         per group at any one time.
>         C.  Dirllar Smuggler
>             In the first century after winning independence from A'Korchu,
>         Dirllar was an impoverished land. Since they discovered the profit
>         to be made by smuggling. They have also connected their nation to
>         the Caldan trade road in the forest. Together those gains have
>         made them a wealthy free port and greatly angered the Korchi.
>             Dirllar smugglers have trade routes to Djanesborg through the
>         swamp. They also trade on the high seas with Goidan, the Kolar
>         Peninsula and the nearby Fomorian kingdoms. Ship design for
>         these vessels is a valued art in Dirlla. The ships are sleek,
>         sail driven craft with a number of concealed holds. All such
>         holds are trapped and difficult for anyone less than an expert
>         to find. They are located to minimize their drag on the speed
>         of the ship.  Notoriety of these smuggler ships is 3.
>         Suggested Details: Bireme to trireme sized merchant craft with
>         a crew of 10 to 15 and up to eight armed guards. The ships are
>         excellent designs that can outsail most other ships, excluding
>         those that use magical aids. They operate by eluding enemies
>         and outrunning those who find them. They are not warships.
>         NOTE - Often as not, one of the most powerful council members
>         in Dirlla is their richest smuggler. On more than one occasion,
>         that individual has been elected Duke.
>     10. Djanesborg - Archer boat / Pirate Archer boat
>             The Djani of Novholm are skilled archers. They are famous
>         as such in Djanesborg and nearby countries. Novholm has used
>         this expert ability to equip ships with archery-based weapons.
>         The standard warship of Novholm's fleet is the Viking longboat.
>         Novholm has these plus the archer boats listed below.
>         A.  Archer Boat
>             These craft are used by the military in alot of cases. Many
>         civilians could own such craft if they can afford to maintain
>         them with the right archers. They have deck based archery
>         platforms, archery ballista type weapons and, in larger vessels,
>         fore and/or aft castles where protected archers fire on boarders
>         or ships. Notoriety of these boats is 3.
>         Suggested details: Various sizes from penteconter to trireme
>         size. Weapons and platforms are designed to suit firing arcs for
>         bow like weapons. Archers may be given bonuses to fire their
>         weapons and use tactics to reflect best use of the weapons.
>         B.  Archer Pirate Boats
>             These are the same as the boats above except Vikings use
>         them. The Vikings use the same level of expertise in archery
>         but due to lack of dedication to the art (like being drunk,
>         lax in their duties or poorly trained) they may not have the
>         bonuses the military has. These pirate groups use the nearby
>         forests to hide their base of operations and ships when they can.
>         Notoriety of these boats is 3.
>         Suggested details: Penteconter to Bireme size. No bonuses should
>         apply to pirate skills.
>         NOTE - Going a Viking is a recognized way for landholders to
>         supplement income and find adventure. Ten percent of any take
>         is due the Viking's liege lord and he will suffer if caught
>         raiding Djani shipping. Beyond that there are no restrictions
>         on the trade.
>     11. Donara - Ghost ship of Evil One / Sea Star
>         A.  Evil One Ghost Ship
>             When the great lord Pel shattered the defenses of E'lici
>         and led the Donaran host into that city, the lord wizard of
>         the fallen nation escaped to sea on the nation's flagship. As
>         the royal family of his land was slaughtered, and the city was
>         renamed Pelara, he made an eternal vow to take vengeance on the
>         Don's ilk. Since he forged that eldritch vow, the ghost ship of
>         the Evil One has stalked the Sea of Tears.
>             The legend of the Evil One, Lady Sam and Don is a popular one
>         in Donara.  It is often told over campfires and feasts as a
>         reminder of their past and hope for the future. Over the last
>         150 years there have been rumors of a ghost ship along the
>         Donaran coastline that seems to indicate the presence of the
>         Evil One in some supernatural or ghostly form. Many who see this
>         ship never see anything else. The few survivors fear ever returning
>         to sea again. They tell of a large ship crewed by cloaked figures
>         and a tall form that with a long wide blade that seems to give
>         off a gray hue. This craft will slowly approach other craft and
>         attack without warning. It is reported that this leader (the
>         Evil One some say) uses lightning to destroy rigging.  Once he
>         has, his crew boards and slaughters everyone without taking
>         prisoners or booty. The appearance of this craft seems to
>         portend disaster in the countryside (disease, crop failure,
>         droughts, massive fires, etc). The appearance of this ship
>         comes at random times.
>             The last time the ship appeared it destroyed 18 ships and
>         their crews. Then as quickly as it came it was gone again.
>         While it harried the coast a major disease broke out in 13
>         villages killing over 200. People believe that only the Don
>         can kill the "Evil One." The military has repeatedly tried
>         and failed. The peasants believe this leader to be the Evil
>         One resurrected in some form or his vile spirit. Nobles believe
>         this to be a pirate using the legend of the Evil One. The mystery
>         of the magic and ghost like effects of the ship confuse most of
>         them into utter silence. The notoriety of this ship is 6. It
>         has been talked about as far west as the Wild forest and as
>         far east as Marentia.
>         Suggested details: Quadreme size warship with crew that is
>         cloaked and faceless (or at least seem to have no faces). The
>         ship is only seen at night and in fog. It seems to be empty
>         from a distance and afloat like a ghost ship. The "Evil One"
>         can use lightning bolts himself or through his blade. The ship
>         seems to target Donaran nobles and ships owned by people who
>         are related to the original Don line.  The exact nature of
>         the ship is up to the Referee.  He can make the "Evil One"
>         a pirate or a true supernatural force.
>         B.  Sea Star Ships
>             Vobal, the younger brother of Salaq's Duke, leads the Sea
>         Star Society. It works to break Donaran rule of Salaqi lands in
>         an overt and covert revolt. These ships are manned by mercs from
>         various lands and Salaqi citizens. None can be traced back to
>         Vobal. These ships actively perform acts of terrorism or revolt.
>         Typical acts are destroying merchant supply lines, killing
>         messenger ship couriers, sacking small garrisons or destroying
>         village storehouses to create unrest. These ships are also
>         escape ships for Codari assassins and thieves who prey on the
>         nobles.
>             The exact number of these craft is not known but the society
>         spreads rumors that they have 50 such ships. The military says
>         they may have 1 or 2 at most. It's clearly an effort to
>         underestimate the power of this society. Notoriety of these
>         ships is only 1 as they are a low profile operation. However
>         most peasants of the coast have heard of them and all Salaqi
>         peasants support them.
>         Suggested details: Small warships and merchant class ships. In
>         some cases they are sailing ships. Any ship that can be disguised
>         or used in their operations is. The exact number of ships is up
>         to the Referee. A good number is 5. The mercs work for Vobal
>         through a contact but do not know of his leadership. He uses
>         middleman contacts. These ships will not prey on peasants that
>         are hard pressed as Vobal only wishes new leadership not to kill
>         or hurt Salaqi. He will attack villages that are controlled by
>         Donaran lords or nobles. These ships will not attack foreign
>         ships unless they are in some way able to get their agenda
>         forward (like diplomatic ships that help the Don).
>         NOTE - The rebel underground in Salaq is called the Codari. It
>         is organized in a cell structure and has a five man ruling
>         council. It is secretive, deadly and efficient. The only thing
>         stopping them from beginning the civil war is lack of the Sea
>         Star, which any Salaqi king must have in his possession. Once
>         Vobal has it, the revolution is on and his elder brother, the
>         Duke of Salaq and a Donaran sympathizer, will be executed.
>     12. Ashudan - Jewel merchant ship
>             Ashudan is known for their gem trade. Many merchants use
>         hidden areas on ships to protect the cargo. These ships only
>         protect their actual cargo relating to the Gem trade.  These
>         ships aren't smugglers but the hidden areas protect the critical
>         material (Gems, Jewels, Jewelry) from pirates.  They do not hide
>         it from legal patrol or customs but will from pirates. The
>         notoriety of these ships is 1. Only a few people know of these
>         hidden areas. Only the ship's captain knows their location on
>         the ship. The crew keeps other cargo in a normal hold.  What
>         makes these ships unique is the hidden areas tend to be small
>         enough which makes detection very difficult.  For those trying
>         to find such locations should roll using a Very Difficult skill
>         task.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ships same as smugglers. They
>         have small hidden areas the size of kegs or small safes for the
>         gems and other related cargo. Finding such locations is Very
>         Difficult. For the smuggler details see Kingdom of the East. These
>         hidden areas may be guarded by elaborate traps or magics.
>         NOTE - Ashudan is the lynchpin of the Fomorian Empire. Stopping at
>         their islands is essential for east-west communication. This makes
>         them one of the most cosmopolitan and wealthy kingdoms in Fomoria.
>     13. Kingdom of East - Asaoc Smuggler Ships
>             Many civilians, especially those in the Coasa cities, smuggle
>         as a way of life. These ships are built to be fast, sleek and
>         hold hidden cargo. Many act like normal merchant ships with
>         legal cargos to fool customs and naval patrol ships but they
>         have the real cargo in the hidden holds. Notoriety of these
>         ships is 3. They are known but it's hard to tell a smuggler
>         from other ships.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ships. Most have large cargo
>         areas with hidden walls for more storage. Only those looking for
>         such places have a small chance of finding them using the Find
>         Traps and Secret doors skill at a moderate difficulty factor.
>         At least 75% of these ships are used by the secret society in
>         Coasa.
>         NOTE - The Kingdom of the East is the youngest of the Fomorian
>         kingdoms. The action of a powerful merchant house (the Chian
>         family) led the kingdoms to commit forces to this area. The
>         result was war with Tiansar and Lemasa. It also led to the
>         Kingdom of the East with the youngest brother of the elder
>         of house Chian as its first king.
>     14. Fomoria - Tribute Ships / Fog Ships / Ma'chela
>         A.  Tribute Ships
>             There are three Tribute ships that sail the Fomorian island
>         lake.  These serve as tribute boats.  They will collect offerings
>         from lakeside villages and towns. They also serve in the yearly
>         ceremony to deposit offerings to the Spirit of the Lake. What
>         makes these ships unique is their holds are designed to open at
>         the bottom and allow the offerings to fall to the lake bottom
>         without water entering the ship. This offering is critical to the
>         Fomorian religion. Only select people may board these ships. Each
>         item that enters the ship's hold is blessed and cleaned by priests
>         in ceremonial rituals.
>             There is a prophecy that if one of these ships sinks during
>         the ceremony that the Spirit of the Lake will withdraw his
>         blessing and destroy the island. The priests believe this prophecy.
>         The military guards these ships not due to outsiders but what
>         lurks in the lake. Some mysterious large monster that has been
>         known to sink ships. Their greatest fear is to have this monster
>         happen on one of these ships and sink it. Notoriety of these
>         ships is 5.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ships with specially built holds.
>         The details are up to the Referee. An option is a whirlpool effect
>         where the water may enter the hold and drain the offering, which
>         is ritual, but the water doesn't go higher due to magic or
>         engineering. The sea captain is trained in the priesthood and as
>         a sailor. He is always a priest of Enki. Being a sailor on these
>         ships is a great honor.  But to do so they must pass several
>         tests and extensive background checks by the priesthood.  One
>         who is caught taking a offering off ship once it has been blessed
>         will suffer the highest penalty.
>         B.  Fog Ships
>             The fog that surrounded the island is part of daily sailor
>         life. Because of this some ships have the special ability to
>         generate fog and mist. This is used to elude or sneak up on
>         ships. Even if ships do not have this ability Fomorian sailors
>         (outside the lake) are trained to work with fog/mist. They have
>         bonuses to navigate and fight in it. This gives them a tactical
>         advantage when the sea is full of fog. Notoriety of these ships
>         is 4. The sailor ability is 8 as many hear of this skill.
>         Suggested details: Ships are of the size needed from civilian
>         craft to warships.  The generation of fog can be from magic or
>         through technology like a smoke generation machine.  These
>         machines would exist in a primitive nature using a fire, pot and
>         other materials to create smoke or a thin fog.  A blower would
>         then be used to move the smoke away from the ship.  The exact
>         nature of the spell or generation is up to the Referee.
>         C.  The Fomorian Ma'chela
>             These ships are well built. They have magic enhanced sails
>         and a crew of Law priests in addition to the military crew.
>         Their purpose is to speed the vessel's movement. The slowest
>         moves 5 times the rate (strategically) of a like sized vessel
>         and no less then twice as fast tactically. In addition, these
>         ships are outfitted to catapult firepots of Naphtha. The larger
>         ones also have spouts that let them send a stream of flame into
>         an enemy vessel. They are, by prevailing standards, fast as the
>         wind and spit flame at the enemy. Some of these ships serve as
>         messenger ships for Fomorian allies.  Notoriety of these ships
>         is 6.
>         Suggested details: These warships are bireme or trireme size.
>         There are 1D3 Law Priests with up to 1D6 apprentices to help.
>         The greatest of them, the flagship of the Fomorian fleet, is
>         quinquereme size. It only sails in time of war. The High Admiral
>         of Fomoria's fleet captains it and the lead priest on board is
>         always the ranking Mashmashu of Enki. In addition to the vessel's
>         speed advantage its hull is magically enhanced to be invulnerable
>         in battle.
>     15. Port Doman - Slaver ships
>             Port Doman has taken slavery to an art form. It is the only
>         Fomorian kingdom that allows the trade. They take slavery
>         operations seriously. Many of their ships serve in this business.
>         These ships have two unique features most ships do not. The first
>         is the holds or cages where the slaves are transported. These
>         cages may be found on deck when the ship is also a market ship.
>         In most cases the cages are below deck. Also there are a lot of
>         security precautions like chains and locks on these ships, which
>         make escape difficult. These ships tend to have guards that do
>         nothing but guard the slaves.
>             The second feature is the market ability. A lot of these ships
>         serve as floating market ships where they showcase the slaves on
>         deck platforms for customers. This stage may hold stocks or other
>         structures where they can show the slave in their full glory (at
>         times in full humiliation).
>             Those unfortunate people who find themselves on these ships
>         tend to have no hope left after many sessions of torture and
>         humiliation. They serve a life of hardship and in many cases have
>         a short lifespan. Notoriety of these ships is 10.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ships. Guard numbers are 1
>         guard for every 20 slaves. All slaves are chained or shackled.
>         The cages number 1-5 with iron bars but some poorer or new slaver
>         trade ships have wooden cages (up to 10 boxes). Each holds 20
>         slaves comfortably or up to 50 if the slaver doesn't mind losing
>         a few.  If a slaver captain or the ship owners are wealthy enough
>         magic may help in the slave operations (magical chains, shackles
>         and cages).
>     16. Fierazi - Del'nord prophecy ship
>             The Fierazi tell of a legend of a ship that sails in a lake
>         in the forest.  This ship is said to tie into a prophecy foretold
>         by tribal elders. The elders say that those that enter the ship
>         may gain the key to the empire del'Nord's fall and learn how to
>         make the empire return. It also says that those who enter may
>         doom the Fierazi people. This legend is told to scare away people
>         from visiting such a ghost ship on the lake. As a result only the
>         brave and fearless sail the lake. Notoriety of this ship is 3.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class ship and size.  It is actually
>         a ghost ship that is rarely seen.  If it appears it has no crew
>         or anything on it.  It appears to be a normal pleasure craft of
>         some kind even to the point of having some materials in rooms as
>         if it was recently left there. The actual details on this "key"
>         to the del'nord empire is up to the Referee.  A good suggestion
>         is to have the person who enters the craft must be of a certain
>         faith.  Those who have that strong faith can find the key but
>         they will have the choice as to how to use it.  Those who do not
>         have this faith may find themselves misusing the key or the key
>         turning on them which will unleash some great evil which could
>         destroy the entire Fierzai tribe and possibly the rise of the
>         old empire del'nord.
>         NOTE - As the Fierazi were one of the groups who destroyed that
>         empire, keeping anyone from getting that key would be important
>         to their religious elders.
>     17. Katai Junk
>             Katai is a rich land in terms of its civilian fleet.  At least
>         60% of these ships are Chinese Junk type ships. They tend to be
>         long and sleek but serve all functions from fishing, transport,
>         cargo to even houseboats.  They tend to all look the same with
>         little changes other than the deck placement of materials.
>         Notoriety of these ships is 10 while nothing special they are
>         known far and wide.
>         Suggested details: The Chinese Junk is the basic description of
>         these ships.  These aren't special or unique ships just overally
>         common in the area.
>     18. Kazi - Dagger Challenge Raft
>             For a Kazi warrior they may choose to join the Society of the
>         Dagger as long as they follow through with the rituals to join.
>         In many cases duels are then issued to other warriors to win
>         position and favor in this society. This boat is a simple square
>         raft where a dagger duel challenge is performed.  Some may wish
>         to fight on land, in a swinging bridge, on a sharp incline or
>         other hard obstacle area but many choose the dagger raft.  In
>         this duel area the one who falls into the water is shamed and
>         may automatically lose the challenge.  But most cases these
>         challenges end in death of one of the two fighters.  These duels
>         are often private situations with only the two fighters and a
>         select few others (witness and society members) watching.
>         Foreigners are rarely invited to observe.  But craft on the
>         rivers could encounter such a duel raft with a duel in progress.
>         This is a rare event though.
>         Suggested details: Square raft with possible bladders to help
>         float it.  If the river is swift in that area it may be tied to
>         shore by 4 corner ropes to hold it into place or anchored to the
>         river bed.  In some challenges the one who calls the challenge
>         may initiate the raft to float freely making the duel even more
>         difficult.  The size of these rafts is typically 10x10 but can
>         be as large as 30x30 depending on the status of the warriors and
>         the level of the duel (new warriors fighting old warriors may be
>         given a fair shake by a larger area).  There is nothing else on
>         top of the raft itself.  The rules and parameters of the duel are
>         up to the Referee.
>     19. Kll'maun - Sorceress Ship
>             The Kll'maun chaotic tribes are followers of the Sorceress of
>         the Dark Lands.  She has her own personal means on the ocean but
>         there are times when she may need covert operations performed
>         deep inland.  To do this, this ship is berthed on the river and
>         manned by a select few sailors from the dark lands.  At her
>         orders the ship will sail deep down the river to perform select
>         tasks.  The ship is also manned by Kll'maun tribesman to help as
>         warriors.  The ship may have magics on board she has prepared
>         or given to her sailors.  Notoriety of the ship is 1.  While
>         the chaotic tribes know of it outside those tribes is not told of
>         or heard of.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class or small warship size. It may
>         have permanent magics on it as well as a wizard on board that
>         serves directly under the sorceress.  While the ship performs
>         special tasks for her once in awhile this ship also serves as
>         an escape ship in case she needs to leave the dark lands quickly.
>     20. Novarask - Crystal Ship
>             This is the most powerful magical ship in the world. The
>         people of Novarask demand isolation but even they need to perform
>         special missions (like intelligence gathering or obtaining special
>         materials). Maybe once every 50 years this ship leaves the hidden
>         berth in the Crystal city. It is prepared with massive permanent
>         magics and spells. They allow the ship to move in deep winter
>         through the stormy northern seas with little difficulty. They
>         also make the vessel difficult to see at a range greater than
>         thirty feet. There is a wizard on board that protects the ship
>         and crew. Once his task is performed the ship returns. The ship
>         avoids all contact with outsiders.
>             The last three times it went out the missions were completed.
>         The last time was 33 years ago when they sent the ship to
>         investigate rumors and gain intelligence on the dark lands. The
>         ship took 4 months and returned with the intelligence needed.
>         Though the High Elder seems to have known of its purpose but for
>         some reason did not interfere.
>             It went out 162 years ago to the island of Fomoria, avoiding
>         the coastline and the 2 big islands. There it landed on the remote
>         northern shore and sent four wizards inland to summon a creature
>         who slept in the lake. The wizards may have disturbed this creature.
>         He now annoys the Fomorians. The wizards were there to gain a piece
>         of material from the creature for a magical rite. This mission took
>         8 months to complete.
>             he 3rd most recent time was 258 years ago when it sailed south
>         to visit the elves in the wild forest. It sought an audience with
>         an elven king for some mysterious talks. The elves actually never
>         learned of the origin of the people but held the talks.
>             The only time one of these craft never returned was one that
>         was sent to Lemasa to investigate an artifact held by a group
>         called the Red Anchor. After 2 years the people of the crystal
>         city assumed the ship was destroyed and built a replacement.
>         Suggested details: Trireme size warship sailed   with magics
>         that help increase its speed 3 times as normal. It has battle
>         magic that make it a fierce warship. There is always a Wizard
>         who rules the ship. The wizard will have 1D3 apprentices that
>         he trains during the trip.  Notoriety of this ship is 1.  Those
>         who encounter the ship never escape to tell of it.  Everyone in
>         the Crystal City know of it but outside the city no one does.
>         This ship can take on fleets if it wishes to but will avoid
>         such situations if it can.
>     21. Ticasi - Scholar of Magic Ship / Ticasi schools
>         A.  Magic Training ship
>             This ship is used as a training ground for apprentices in
>         the School of Magic to learn water based magic like Sea Powers
>         and other related magics. It is a normal ship but may have
>         permanent magics on board that demonstrate the newest magic
>         being developed. Outsiders find this ship to be fascinating
>         but dangerous.
>         Suggested details: Merchant class or pleasure craft ship. There
>         is at least one Scholar of Magic teacher on board to help control
>         the magics and the training. The Head Scholar of Magic on the
>         council owns this ship.
>         B.  Other School Ships
>             Like the Magic training ship there are ships headed by the
>         schools for Astronomy (for observation and new navigation
>         teaching techniques) and Engineering (for new ship design and
>         innovations) are the main ones. There are other inland schools
>         which may own ships at various times but teach the sea skills
>         in the various schools like Geography (for map making), History
>         and Military History (for learning tactics of sea battles),
>         Medicine (how to deal with ship board diseases and wounds) and
>         Navigation  (on how to better improve navigation on the high
>         seas).
>         Suggested details: Same as magic ship but these are simple ships
>         where training occurs and no special magic or other effects.  It
>         is common to see at least one of these training ships near the
>         Ticasi coastline.
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