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The question I'd have for said plains indian is whether or not he used
seasoned wood... It takes a fair bit of time to properly season wood...
It would be my suspicion that the P&P bowyer costs would reflect time
taken to season the wood, as opposed to just time to shape and string
the bow.
Just my two cents,

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>Going with this, it take a P&P Bowyer (at 1GC/month) pretty much a 
>month to make a bow (282 hours) -- about twice as long as it takes to
craft a broadsword.  However, sources I have seen have this at MUCH less
(from 2h for a master bowyer on one site, to 18h as noted in Harn).
Still digging, including a query to a manufacturer of traditional
A month for a bow?!  Wow.  I read somewhere once that a plains indian
could do one in 2 days and he had chores to do.  Course I guess one is
better than the others.  I'd say a month is good for a arbalest but a
simple bow and string?  Hrm....this whole topic though I'd have to have
time to sit down and analyze.  

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