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At 07:02 AM 5/30/06 -0400, you wrote:
>First of all, thank you for taking the time to reply to my email.  I
appreciate it.  Do you by chance know where I can find the Version 2 Combat
Rules?  The reason that I am asking is because I am downloading everything
and then taking it to an office supply store so that I can have it bound.
I know that I can just use Version 1.3 but if Version 2 is available, I
would like to have it.

If you have found Wout's PNP site then you should be able to find
everything there.  Its a site that has been around 1997 at least if I
recall.  So it has tons of changes and new rules.  Alot we've covered in
this mailing list over the years.  I don't know who all has what files
these days.  But everything should be on the site.  I don't think there was
many changes in the combat system as I said.  So the v1.2 rules might just
be just as good since it is probably the version that has the errors fixed
from v1.  

>Also, I am seriously considering proposing this game to my gaming group
when my turn to gm comes up, which is likely to be very soon since my best
friend who has never gmed is currently planning a campaign for D&D.
Somehow, I don't think that he is going to come through.  One thing that
has become an issue of concern are the stats for monsters in Version 2 Book
3.  They just seem to be a bit low particularly when it comes to strength.  

Check out the nice webpage someone did that compares version 1 monsters to
version 2.   Interesting stuff.  That was made up after i published quick
notes on that a few years ago when I typed up all the version 2 monsters.
It is an interesting comparison.  But remember the ceratures in the book 3
are BASIC creatures.  They are the Lowest denominator type.  Look at a
human npc very weak compared to PC.  The creature variation system allows
you to boost those stats as the GM sees fit.  So you could x2 x4 or x10 the
stats.  Many are average while others are powerful enough to battle even
when pcs are experienced.

As to gaming pnp its worth it.  I've played it since the '80s.  I have
always felt it was better than D&D.  But it tends to be for more
experienced players AND GMs to handle.  It can be a bit overwhelming for
some due to the math but really once you get into it its easy.  These days
the math means nothing.  (Of Course I wrote some computer programs to help
out in generating npcs and pcs and such - all on the site).  But it just
takes a bit of experience.  

Now, I would be the first to admit that having just introduced myself to
these rules, my experience is very limited.  Still, it appears that heroic
human beings (and other humanoids) can almost routinely be as strong as
creatures such as war horses, tigers, bears and even trolls.  I do realize
that these heroes are luminary among their respective races, but should
this even be possible without magic or supernatural talents?  Am I just
being paranoid here or making too much out of nothing?

The system allows you to have anything you want to have.  A GM's role is to
make the game livable for everyone.  In my recent games I've had Scholars
(clearly not a fighter) and a Thief and a bard as well as high powerful
wizards and warriors.  So there is balance in the game.  If one wanted to
play a Merchant Shopkeeper that's fine.  He doesn't even have to know how
to fight.  That's what a party of other protectors, slaves or bodyguards
are for :)

>Also, why are birds of prey so strong?  Are eagles, falcons, hawks, and
owls much larger in this world?  It doesn't say so in their descriptions so
I thought that I would ask. 

One must think in terms of the creature involved.  A eagle has strength
where?  Its Beak/Nose and Claws/Legs.  It has less strength in its wings
and body mass.  So the strength comes in its claws.  Every have a hawk
attack you with its claws?  Its just as bad as a dog if not worse.  

So it has a S20.  But a anaconda has S40.  That comes in its constricting
ability.  But lengten it out and its strength declines.  

So the stats are relative in that way.

So where do you live ?  Did you add your info to the player list on the
website? ::)

We are glad to answer questions.  Even Richard who invented the game might
speak up.  

I've run a PBEM (Play by Email) game on the internet of pnp for 7-8 years
now.  We are almost at the end of the second adventure and goign to start
the 3rd soon.  This second one has lasted only a year.  It may not
demonstrate many of the basic rules of the game it might be a good source
if you have questions on combat.  Its more for role playing than mechanics


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