[PnP] Re PnP Version 2 Rules

grayson5541 at earthlink.net grayson5541 at earthlink.net
Tue May 30 13:02:00 CEST 2006

First of all, thank you for taking the time to reply to my email.  I appreciate it.  Do you by chance know where I can find the Version 2 Combat Rules?  The reason that I am asking is because I am downloading everything and then taking it to an office supply store so that I can have it bound.  I know that I can just use Version 1.3 but if Version 2 is available, I would like to have it.

Also, I am seriously considering proposing this game to my gaming group when my turn to gm comes up, which is likely to be very soon since my best friend who has never gmed is currently planning a campaign for D&D.  Somehow, I don't think that he is going to come through.  One thing that has become an issue of concern are the stats for monsters in Version 2 Book 3.  They just seem to be a bit low particularly when it comes to strength.  Now, I would be the first to admit that having just introduced myself to these rules, my experience is very limited.  Still, it appears that heroic human beings (and other humanoids) can almost routinely be as strong as creatures such as war horses, tigers, bears and even trolls.  I do realize that these heroes are luminary among their respective races, but should this even be possible without magic or supernatural talents?  Am I just being paranoid here or making too much out of nothing?

Also, why are birds of prey so strong?  Are eagles, falcons, hawks, and owls much larger in this world?  It doesn't say so in their descriptions so I thought that I would ask. 

Thanks again.

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