[PnP] Exhaustion

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Apr 28 00:54:09 CEST 2006

Stop talking everyone!  Geesh.  Too busy in here.

Ok.  Heres a topic.  

1) Anyone do up rules on Exhaustion ?  Obviously if Conan storms a castle
and kills 30 guards out of 120 hes going to get tired.  Sooner or later he
can't left his big old sword.  Sooner or later that should be done. 
I've adapted the Gamma World simple system years ago but its in my brain
rather than on paper.  I was curious if anyone had rigged up a system for
it for marathon actions (running, fighting, etc.)?

2) Richard, the rule on can't cast magic while moving.  Is interesting.  i
always forgot it at times early on.  I mean you always see in the movies
they fight with magic while moving (look at that Potter punk :)).
Seriously though.  Can one cast magic on a moving object while THEY are
still?  Ie on a wagon or horse.  Technically they are not moving but the
object they are on?  I assume so since on a ship (not moving but the ship
is) its possible and I've done that.  Just wanted to check.

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