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I believe the rules I had were a merger of the Runequest (and other
Chaosium) ships and Harn's shipbuilding rules.  The "t" in this case is
tons displacement, which is about 100 cubic feet.  The harn rules
basically figured hull displacement by taking with length, beam and
draft to figure the displacement space of the hull.  Since 100 cubic
feet of seawater weighs 6300 pounds, If you only load 2200 pounds of
cargo per ton of displacement, you have a decent margin to work within.
However, things like masts and internal structures (as well as the
weight of the hull itself) will eat away from the "hole in the water"

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Burton I think you did the Gurps article on Qualities of ships and such.
Talking about construction and outfitting?  Is that correct?

At the bottom you metnion "t"s.  Like provision locker
1t per 100 man days.  For example.  That's 1 t or 1 ton of weight?
Just making sure.

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