[PnP] how does your GM handle character generation?

Albert Sales drite_mi at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 20:59:23 CET 2005

I use several methods for generation, largely depending on the players. I have a couple players who will cheat if they think they can get away with it. I'll usually let them prioritize 4-6 abilities, and put the highest rolls in them. However, this is for when I'm not using a completely modified system. My favorite tactic (for those who I can't gage the honesty of) is percentile, with a standard probability spread, but a heavily adjusted order. 
Most good players are honest. If I like a person's playing style, I'll allow them to do just about anything for generation, so long as the character is neither too strong nor too weak. I've run into the problem of weak characters more often than strong in doing this. 
The only exception is when we are going to be making characters by assignment, and someone INSISTS on rolling dice, they keep what they get, in order rolled, and will have the usual "re-entry" complications if their character dies. 
It all really breaks down to what is planned for the game. The more freedom people have to arbitrate their characters, the more developed they will usually be. I even allow arbitrated special abilities (if balanced by an unusual weakness), if the character has a good story. The GM always has the final say, because (among other things) they are the ones who have to try to challenge the characters presented with a managable yet difficult adventure.
AS A PLAYER, I've had many characters I've brought to games rejected because of the high power of other characters. Unbalance complicates the game, so I rarely make characters "at home", and usually ask people to make characters "in company". It isn't to detect cheaters (I already know my cheaters), but to insure balance and a complete party.

"David A. Sanders" <dasandersx at comcast.net> wrote:
Do you simply allow the player to make his rolls and that's what he's stuck with?
Do you allow him to generate a character and bring that?
Do you allow him to roll up several and pick from those?
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