[PnP] how does your GM handle character generation?

Paul L. Ming pming at northwestel.net
Mon Mar 7 06:52:50 CET 2005


	I let them do it. I even let them pick their stats if they have a
good idea for a character. I actually prefer if the player chooses his
stats...there tends to be virtually no "cheating" then. Kinda hard to blame
the dice when the GM looks at the character and sees 6+ stats of 18+
...makes the player look like a power-mongering fool. :) Basically, it
"self-polices" itself as far as ubercharacters go.
	That said, if a player wants to roll, go ahead. I let them roll
until they get a character they are happy with. I mean, they are the ones
having to play the character, and why force them to play a character that
they will have *less* fun playing than to let them make a character that
they will have *more* fun playing? Its all about fun, right? Just as long as
the character isn't far-and-above everyone else's character, I'm happy. 

Generate and bring:
	Uh, yeah? This is a bit confusing to me. Most of the time players
will roll up between 1 and 3 characters, on their 'own time', and bring them
to the table. Rarely do we have it where everyone has to be at the table in
order to make characters.

Roll several:
	Yup. Why not? Some players LOVE to roll up characters. Hell, as a GM
*I* love rolling up characters...I can always use them as primary
Character-Class NPC's. :)

Paul L. Ming

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Do you simply allow the player to make his rolls and that's what he's stuck
Do you allow him to generate a character and bring that?
Do you allow him to roll up several and pick from those?

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