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I found this while digging through my old game archives while a build was
running.  Tech items beyond P&P (scuba, pressure suits) have been removed.
Wout, if you could add this information to the construction rules I posted
earlier, that would be great.  


Scott, some of these may apply for your ship construction rules.



Benjamin Levy's Universal RPG Construction/Engineering Task Modifier Table


Site Quality Labor Modifier

Wide Open and Level                                              .75

Some brush, gentle slope                                       1

Rolling Land

Thick Vegetation                                                     1.5

Ruins or Demolished Structures                             2

Congested Urban Area                                           2.5

Swamp                                                                    3

Mountainous Rainforest                                          4

Underwater                                                             5



Equipment Quality Labor Multiplier

Everything they want and then some                     .7

The supervisors Wish List                                      .8

State of the art                                                        .9

Well Equipped                                                          1

Foreman read catalogues and sighed                    1.2

Moderately Equipped                                               1.5

Minimally Equipped                                                  2

Little mechanical assistance*                                 2.5

No mechanical assistance*                                     3.5

Mostly "field expedient" tools                                  5


*Mechanical assistance includes things like winches, cranes, or animal
power, when required for the task at hand.   


Environmental Conditions Labor Multiplier


Shirtsleeve comfort                                                 1

Heavy Clothing                                                        1.1

Very Hot

Very Cold                                                                1.5

Very Cold, with protective gear                              2

Very Hot, with protective gear                               2.5


Crew Quality Labor Multiplier

Elite Military Engineers                                             .4

Military Engineers                                                    .6

Top Notch professionals                                         .8

Professionals                                                          1

Unskilled laborers with good leaders                      1.2

High spirited amateurs                                            1.5

Spoiled and lazy union                                            2

Co-opted Peasants                                                 3

Slaves/Prisoners                                                     4

Disgruntled Slaves/Prisoners                                  5



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