[PnP] For or against a 'forum' for P&P?

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat Feb 26 00:11:15 CET 2005

I would say no to forums as well.  The list is fine.  I rather it come to
me rather than me going to some site :) Tend to be much too busy for that. 

I've used them all NGs, Forumns, groups like thos wacky Yahoo Egroups,
message boards and including other formats you guys would never know about
like echomail for BBSes and such :).  Each has their own merit but I don't
think traffic would pick up automatically if it was a forum.  Seen too many
for that.  

My thing is time and so wouldn't be able to check it unless it came ot my
email :)

Maling lists also have ability for threading and such so that's not a big

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