[PnP] Spell Chain

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Feb 25 06:56:51 CET 2005

Comments requested.

Magical Item - SPELL CHAIN

The purpose of the Spell Chain is to grant a bonus to the chance of a 
spell working/affecting someone by manipulating the effective MDV of the 
person. It deliberately must be 'worn' by both the caster and the 
target. It has the possible drawback of the target casting more 
effectively against the caster.

It works by adding it's MDV to the chance of any spell working when both 
caster and castee have chain looped over their wrists in a figure eight. 
[This is an optional special effect. It could be made to simply be a 
necklace or other wearable item.]

Make a chain and cast the following spell on it.
Ensorcel Chain to ensorcel Chain at x5 cost. As per <reversed> defensive 
[Should Purification or Protection be a 'companion spell' for the 
Healing someone (MDV4) with spell. Put spell chain (this one being 
MDV13) on target (and caster). Cast Heal. Roll modified by MDV4 and by 
the MDV13 of the Spell Chain.

If target wants the healing, 4+13=17 modifier to roll. If target opposes 
the spell 13-4=9 modifier to roll.

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