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For regions I'm thinking "The Turlach Mountains" for the name of the range
(still have to find and name the highest peak, perhaps "Siann Monag" -- the
high peak is somewhat flatish and perhaps a sacred meeting point for the
tribes).  For the hills on the northwest shoreline "Hills of Vassi" and "The
Donnag Highlands" for the hills just south of that (next to the Armagh).
The highlands look to have a steeper eastern side ("Oghan Bluffs") and
higher western part ("Diach's Rise").

The Ulail forests could be "Faiolail Woodlands" and the other larger forest
the  "Faitheadh Forest"  (implied: "Fai-" is a goidenese prefix meaning

The easternmost hills could be the "Laidh Hills", with a minor peak in there
(that I can see on the texture) "Camac's Ridge"  (possible site).  The hills
in the swamp could be "The Earmagh Highlands", with the southmost hills
being "The Caoich Hills".  A visible ridgeline seems to be there, "Adh Mac
Cuir's Wall" (another site?).

For the swamp we could have "The Olaireann Fens" in the portion between the
rivermouths, and "The Olaireann Murks" for the hazy, misty depths of the
swamps that brush up against the rugged mountains.


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Sound good

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>I'm tossing out names to the list to chew on. I know I got Rich's blessing,
>but I'd like everyone's (and his opinion).  I wend out and found Gaelic
>words for things that could be found on the island, and god names (plus 
>limited number of Goiden names in the culture book).  Ran the list through 
>name generator and cherry-picked from the list presented.
>The rivers (in order from north to south, west side first, then the east
>             The Daonnach River    (flows to the Armagh)
>             The Ceimaonnag River
>             The Feilbhinn River
>             The Luiollach River
>For the forts:
>             Ft. Bravabek (Noatun Isle)
>             Ft. Tiun (Hoda Isle)
>             Ft. Gin'cha (Sichi Isle)
>             Ft. Eikassa (Baobhanu-11)
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