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The only thing right now with the image is that there is no hex overlay.
I'll have to work out something in canvas for that, but I'd hate to clutter
the map image with it (just put a mileage scale into the image and people
can use a ruler and move free-form.

I'll play with it.  I'll have to see what I can do with a JPG compression, I
should be able to get it within 500k, if not less.  A lot of the image
compression will take place in the water regions.


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>The mountain testure came out pretty good (IMHO) and one can conceivably 
>mark out specific "mountains" as sites.  I'll post the raw map here 
>tomorrow (after I finish the river work).  I'll try and compress it down 
>to something reasonable for mail that will still show the detail level. 

If it doesn't fit in mail, just let  me know and we'll work something out. 
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