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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sat May 22 22:20:47 CEST 2004

At 04:51 AM 5/21/04 -0700, you wrote: 
>    This has brought up a couple of thoughts on this matter (first time I
> considered this situation). They are: 1) Can the Enemy stay behind (such as
> if the wizard has a group of guards of dangerous location to go to), and 2)
> What happens if the Wizard does not overcome the Enemy's MDV? Does the spell
> fail, or what?

#1 was answered preiously.  2.  Well your not really using it offensively
so MDV would not matter in this case.  You'd poof out.  But then again
if there was a spell of protection or ward against teleport there then you'd
have to roll against it.

At least how I'd do it.

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