[PnP] Armor construction and repair

Wout Broere broere at powersandperils.org
Thu May 13 20:38:07 CEST 2004

When you are the victim of a rule is always the best time to start 
discussing a rules revision (grin).

Armor construction and repair is one section of the rules that keeps a 
discussion going from time to time. The cost and time involved seems to 
warrant a revision of the rules, and we made an attempt years ago, and 
there is also a more recent revision by Alex Koponen (concentrating on costs)

The general trouble is that it may be much more expensive to have your 
armor repaired than to buy a new set. This is dealt with nicely by Alex 
(see http://abroere.xs4all.nl/pnp/K_ArmorRepair.htm). Combine it with the 
idea that to repair a piece of armor takes a percentage of the time to make 
it, equal to the percentage it is damaged. That would all work for me.

The reason I still post the question is twofold. The secondary reason is 
that Richard once mentioned (in a letter to Alex with additional 
questions/errata) that the armor construction and repair rules were under 
revision. I wonder if that revision could become available for discussion, 
and/or if anyone else has made an attempt.

Getting to my prime reason for asking this: the armorer rule mentions the 
time it takes to make a piece of armor (AV+2 squared days) and shields (AV 
days). It doesn't mention helmets. So the first assumption is that to make 
a helmet takes AV of the helmet +2 squared days.

That would mean it takes 16 days to make a brigandine and also 16 days to 
make a metal helmet. The latter seems much less work to me, so maybe the AV 
squared instead of AV+2 squared should be used.

Now make matters more complicated and make elven or dwarven armor. They 
have a higher AV due to the metal and the workmanship. Same holds for some 
countries in the PL, due to quality of their armorers. Does this increase 
the time to make the armor, so for a dwarven metal helmet (AV 4) does it take

a) 4+2, squared = 36 days
b) 2+2, squared = 16 days
c) something else, based on new or revised rules (or something I missed in 
the rules)

Any comments?
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