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I think increasing the native multipliers should be something that requires
a trip off the middle world.  Since the idea is that this is your "natural"
maximums, it takes supernatural effort to change them.

One thing I had considered was a sort of runequest-like mechanism
(Heroquest) in that characters on the other worlds (upper or lower) enter at
the "fringes" and can progress "deeper" into the more dangerous levels if
they can handle it.

The finge levels would have all "creatures" at x1.5 HP.  In addition, they
get their attributes upped by 25% (as if for creature variation --
recalculate other stats as needed).  Yes, they are more dangerous on their
home turf.  For the "privledge" of facing these bad boys you may use any
experience gained to improve attributes as if all of your native
mulitipliers were +0.5 greater (only while on this plane).

Example: While traveling on the fringes of a land of Law, you enconter a
"Wolf" (rolled encounter).  As GM you should tweak appearance (Say it is
coppery in fur color which black eyes, perhaps add a minor power).

For skill use on the fringe, consider all skills to be 2/3 EL (or figure the
difficulty modifiers x1.5).  Optionally, you may use experience gained to
exceed your normal skill maximums by 25% (round up).

Example: Skills are tougher because you are a mere mortal in supernatural
realms.  You aren't just swimming some river, it's the Everlasting river of
eternal swiftness.
     -- Burton

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