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   4) Blindness: Optional rule suggestion - Since some animals like Bats,
      Dolphins, etc. use radar/extrasensory things to 'see' how about
      an optional rule so this spell works on those creatures.  Maybe
      a x3 mana cost for this to be effected or a x2?  Say your swimming
      and suddenly a shark is coming toward you..you cast this spell and
      its magnetic sense/blood sense is lost and it goes off in some
      random direction.   In some regard I recall reading a myth about
      underwater creatures (like Mermen) that had this ability to use
      on the sea creatures when in danger.

I think we can just hand-wave this without any other rules.  Just say that
the spell affects the primary targeting sense of the target in question
(hey, it's magic).  Perhaps add a x3 option to eliminate the main targeting
sense and other secondary senses (hearing, smell, vision for bats).  

  [New Spell Suggestions]

  Many of the following are from notes and campaigns from years gone by.
  Some even created by players.  I present them here since I'm working
  on this project to see what you guys think.  Maybe if richard thinks
  they are worthy of official representation in pnp2.  No particular
  order here just as it comes to me or as I find my notes:

  1) Turn Undead: Spell will force the undead (Dead, Ghosts, Vampires,
     etc.) away from caster and its affect area.  It creates a force
     of living energy around the caster to overwhelm the dead.  Those
     affected will leave the affect area.

     Range: (EL+1)x2" (Radius)
     Duration: EL+1 phases
     BMC: 1
     Alignment: Shamanic or Law

     Notes: I know some systems use this spell in some form.  Even
     that other game with drgons we won't mention.  I've done many
     games with Dead and Ghosts and this spell would've been useful
     if only to give the caster and his group a reprieve from a onslaught
     of undead cretures like skeletons.

I think the way the game was going was that the Priests as noted in Heros
Magazine had something like this.  While wizards manipulated energies
related to the alignments (Law, Chaos), the Priests worked with the gods (or
their avatars) directly.  SO while a Wiazard casts a spell, a Priest invokes
a portion of his god's power into the world.
That said, beings of Undead are Chaos by nature, technically "minions" of
chaos.  I would say that "turning them" is more a priestly idea.  A wizard
would just as soon blast them, or be protected from them.

  5) Animal Powers 
     This family has the following member spells:
     BMC: 3 
     Alignment: Shmanic

I like the idea, but each spell needs its own BMC, as expanded in the Book
of Tables for other powers.  Remember that the powers BMC is a rough average
of the component BMCs

  6) Camouflage

I like the concept, not sure about the mechanics.  If P&Pv2 has better (or
any) mechanics for hiding, stealth or notice skills It may have some merit.
But as is it is too similar to invisibility. I think the better way to go is
a spell that lasts something like (EL+1) strategic turns.  During this time
the ambush chance of the camouflaged person is increased by some amount.
Obviously the entire party must be affected in order to gain the full
increase, but if at least one member is affected (the point man) you get
(EL+1) added to your ambush chance.
  7) Morale Change [For lack of better words]
Suggested spell name: Rout
I think some note in the spell needs to be made depending on the
circumstances.  And the resulting check should be considered the same as a
skill roll, and the appropriate multipliers applied.  While the case you
give might be considered by the GM to be an "average", doing the same when
faced by 10 soldiers or 30+ bandits might be difficult.

  7) Entropy

Very strange spell.  Not sure if it has a place in the game as I see
"munchkin" written all over it. Entropy sort of needs to be impersonal and
affective of everything, not just the caster or the caster's enemies.
Perhaps versions of the spell with a tighter focus.  For example
"Lethality", in which the entire area becomes more deadly...ALL combat rolls
get a minus (both sides... one would hope that the wizard's side is better
able to take it, or perhaps he just wants both sides to kill each other
off).  It's obverse "Blunting" (or whatever) adds to the combat rolls of all

  8) Encryption

Need a more anarchistic term then encryption.  Perhaps "Hidden Meaning" or
something.  You need notes about decoding a coded text has an MDV equal to
the caster's MEL and the EL of the spell used to encode.
And use "obscure" and "reveal" rather than "encode" and "decode".  Think
Fantasy, not internet. :}

  9) Cosmic Powers
I don't really like this one.  I don't think the concepts mesh well with the
PL canon. parts of the power are good though. 

     A) Meteor Shower
I don't like this one.  For all we know the upper world is truly "above" the
middle world...are these asteroids coming down through it?  Does the PL
universe even have a concept of space?  For all we know the Sun truly is a
God in asbestos booties hauling ass across the sky by day and resting at
night.  Seasons are the play warfare of the gods of summer and winter, not
axial tilt.
     B) Star Navigation
Not sure about this one, though I like the idea.  
     C) Moon Shine
To powerful and too vague.  A light spell at least has the disadvantage in
that your light can be seen by others.  Here they have no chance.  And it's
vague as to "what exactly can you see by full moonlight?"
I think a better way to go here is another animal power "Catseyes" that
increases you ability to see in darkness.  The actual affects per EL would
need to be clearly defined.
     D) Cosmic Time
I don't like this one primarily on "feel" alone. Only technological
societies need split-minute timing.  This has value, I suppose, if you wish
to instruct a minion to do something at a certain time.  But that minion
would need to be able to cast this spell.  If such a "timing" spell is
needed (call it "True Timing" or something, the caster spends the BMC, plus
some mana per inclusion and details a time event as a part of the spell.  As
the time gets closer the targets will feel a growing sense of anticipation
or unease (no illusionary hourglasses  or digital clocks or such).  At the
moment of time all participants will feel the spell's release and "know"
this is the time.  Perhaps the spell can be defined with a short phrase
(EL+1 words) that is spoken in the recipient's in the caster's voice, in
what ever language he uses.

10) Memorize
Decent, though the BMC seems a bit high and the duration a bit low.

11) Ice Powers
A decent add to the system, sort of counters Fire Powers.  The Cold spell is
begging to be added to the family, though.

     D) Ice Movement:
Better to call it "Ice Bridge".  Range and duration should be HALVED in
desert conditions/hexes, and conceivably DOUBLED in snow/ice or tundra
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