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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Aug 13 08:11:52 CEST 2004

At 08:50 AM 8/11/04 -0500, you wrote:
>> >[Doyle Wayne Ramos Tavener]
>> >As a newb, I am a little confused about your project. What exactly
>> >you do? I got a whole bunch of files recently, but I really could not
>> >make head or tails out of them, because of formatting issues.
>> Well I just read the culture book and took data from it and did neat
>> detailed reports.  Did you read the very first email?  The one I have
>> questions for Richard in and it explains each post tht follows in
>> If not may want to go back and re-read it.  Basically were reports on
>> population, military, magic/slavery/non-human race relations,
>> basic characteristics, common weapons and a huge 3 post timeline that
>> every event in the history of the culture book and put into one huge
>> timeline.
>> I just checked out the pnp site archives..my posts are for some reason
>> html format or something.  Theydo look ugly on the website.
>> the
>> email might be readable.  In my basic file format here they are all
>> aligned.  But when they got sent it out ...who knows what occurs since
>> your
>> email client and burton's may do different thing (as an example).
>> may
>> strip LF/CR and tabs....that's not good...
>> If richard has no comments on the stuff what I'll do is send the files
>> wout and maybe it'll be better readable on the website.  Also I'll put
>> them
>> up on my website first to test the format how they look adn fix
>> In my files they are fine but who knows how they look on the web.
>> also give wout a zip file for folks to download.
>> Basically its a good amount of data that you may find useful as a
>> and as a GM.  The timeline...military...and magic/slavery/non-human
>> are the 3 main ones I'll find the most useful.  The last being
>> the other 2 being factual.
>[Doyle Wayne Ramos Tavener] 
>OK, I understand a lot better now. I would definitely suggest a website
>over the mailing list, unless it can be formatted in straight ascii or
>something similar. That is certainly information I would find useful, to
>say the least.

I've sent Wout the files for the website.  I did a test run to make sure
they look fine.  I uploaded them to my site and all showed good format and
proper alignment.  So should be fine.  I also sent him a zip file of all
the files so folks can download and edit their own.  Especially the
timelines they may want to use in their own games.  
>BTW, I assume that the Version 5: P&P v2 working version on the
>http://abroere.xs4all.nl/pnp/book1.htm web site is the version that is
>being revised? What has already changed in this manuscript?

The v2 stuff we are talking about is a total revamp of everything.  But we
are waiting for Richard to get to it.  

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