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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Wed Aug 11 01:16:27 CEST 2004

At 09:49 AM 8/10/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Scott Adams Sez:
>> Gee....2 weeks and no comments on the Culture book stuff I did?  :)
>> Richard what did you think?  Did you see the post of questions I had
>> you and comments?
>> Working on anohter pnp project but not sure if its worth posting if no
>> comments on it :)...j/k
>> Wout, if no one says anything I'll send you the files at the end of
>> month...
>[Doyle Wayne Ramos Tavener] 
>As a newb, I am a little confused about your project. What exactly did
>you do? I got a whole bunch of files recently, but I really could not
>make head or tails out of them, because of formatting issues. 

Well I just read the culture book and took data from it and did neat and
detailed reports.  Did you read the very first email?  The one I have
questions for Richard in and it explains each post tht follows in detail.
If not may want to go back and re-read it.  Basically were reports on
population, military, magic/slavery/non-human race relations, language,
basic characteristics, common weapons and a huge 3 post timeline that took
every event in the history of the culture book and put into one huge

I just checked out the pnp site archives..my posts are for some reason in
html format or something.  Theydo look ugly on the website.  hrm....but the
email might be readable.  In my basic file format here they are all
aligned.  But when they got sent it out ...who knows what occurs since your
email client and burton's may do different thing (as an example).  Some may
strip LF/CR and tabs....that's not good...

If richard has no comments on the stuff what I'll do is send the files to
wout and maybe it'll be better readable on the website.  Also I'll put them
up on my website first to test the format how they look adn fix problems.
In my files they are fine but who knows how they look on the web.  I'll
also give wout a zip file for folks to download.

Basically its a good amount of data that you may find useful as a player
and as a GM.  The timeline...military...and magic/slavery/non-human files
are the 3 main ones I'll find the most useful.  The last being subjective
the other 2 being factual.

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