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Experience and expertise is received for all points inflicted.

>From: Albert Sales <drite_mi at YAHOO.COM>
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>Subject: Re: Subdual ...
>Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 21:32:36 -0800
>If it isn't addressed, I believe that experience should be awarded
>normally. One thing to mind is that subduing a being is more difficult than
>killing (in real life). With this being said, standard awards should apply.
>If they are not to apply, then at least give points for the REAL DAMAGE
>inflicted by subdual.
>***In my games, I don't allow offensive use of EL when trying to subdue***
>Scott Adams <longshot at CYBERMAX.NET> wrote:
>[If my math is right this is stupid question #4?]
>Subdual damage. Does one get experience in it like normal combat?
>I skimmed the pdf and either I overlooked it or something but dont'
>see mention of experience in relation to subdual.
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