Cultural Powers

Tim Falkenberg Falkenberg at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 1 16:43:24 CET 2003

 --- "Choinski, Burton" <Burton.Choinski at MATRIXONE.COM> wrote: > WHich
index was that?  Was that the one I did of all the cultures and
> groups, thus making it easier to lookup a tribe and find the main
> culture?
> Or are you talking the Cultural power page I just looked at?  If the
> latter,
> I'm sorry to say that is not mine, and I don't know why my name is
> attached
> to it.  I think all the data fort that is in either the site book or
> was in
> one of the Hero Magazines.
>     -- Burton

This second one was one I did up.  And indeed, all this data was in the
site book - I just reorganized it.

Tim Falkenberg

Can I about myself  true-poem utter,
of journeys tell,  how I in toilsome-days
hardship-times  often suffered
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cruel rolling of waves.
--The Seafarer

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