Cultural Powers

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I meant the Cultural Power page. Sorry for the mixup. WHoever did it did a
good job but should figure magical/metaphysical power into the mix as well.

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>WHich index was that?  Was that the one I did of all the cultures and
>groups, thus making it easier to lookup a tribe and find the main culture?
>Or are you talking the Cultural power page I just looked at?  If the
>I'm sorry to say that is not mine, and I don't know why my name is attached
>to it.  I think all the data fort that is in either the site book or was in
>one of the Hero Magazines.
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>|| My congratulations to Burton. His Cultural Powers index is quite
>|| interesting and well done. One thing he should consider in
>|| the equation,
>|| however, is the magical/metaphysical potency of the culture.
>|| In a fantasy
>|| world, that power can be truly significant.

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