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GURPS Repair Spell
Permanently repairs a broken inanimate object. If some small parts are
missing the skill is at -5, and the appropriate materials to make the
missing parts must be provided -- e.g. a lump of gold to make gold
filigree work. If the spell succeeds the missing parts will reappear.
Broken once-magical items will not regain their magic when repaired
(although this spell will restore a weakened magical item to full
Duration: Permanent  Cost: 3 per 10 lbs (min. 6) to cast.  Time to cast: 1
Prerequisite: Magery 2 and Rejoin

> >One of the nice things about the GURPS system is that it has more
> >including Repair, and rules for making new spells.
> >Any ideas on a repair spell for P&P?
> >Any ideas on general rules for creating new spells in P&P?
> Could ya scan in the repair spell and show it theirs?  I don't recall
any such
> rules in the various
> 2 dozen game systems I've run (fantasy wise at least).  Hawkmoon/Elric
has a
> bit of minor rules but
> its nto magicl repair per se.
> Problem with a repair spell is that do you just bam its repaired or do
> cast
> the same magic
> on it as previous?  I think a basic repair spell could be done to repair
> item up to its
> physical structure (like a  armorer skill) but then its magical repair
> have to be done
> otherwise.
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GURPS Inventing New Spells
1) Player tells GM general outlines of spell.
2) GM decides if spell possible.
3) GM determines spell specifics.
4) Mage researches spell spending 2d6x$100 per week for amount of weeks
determined by GM at penalty determined by GM.
Roll determines whether mage gets false info, no info, some info or learns
the spell.
More research is then required unless the spell is learned. False info
will drastically slow down learning of the spell.

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