....Chirp...chirp.....Is this thing on? Hello...testing..test ing...

Choinski, Burton Burton.Choinski at MATRIXONE.COM
Fri Oct 4 14:14:39 CEST 2002

Yes it has been quiet (Off topic -- sorry for Cholan being so quiet...I get
the mail, promise myself I'm going to send in a turn, then get distracted
with something.  I'll try to put in a reply to the latest mailing)

My P&P games have been offline for a bit due to scheduling :{ so no new
rules in the works at the moment.

EXP wise, I would try and keep it simple and give the EXP for that 1 point,
if the player wants to really keep track of all the nickle & diming.
           -- Burton

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|| Hello...testing..testing...
|| I took a bath last month i swear....I didn't mean to run
|| everyone off?
|| Been quiet...
|| Experience.  Technically the rules say you get experience
|| for the actual
|| damage
|| and death blows.  Do you guys handle experience say for a
|| bar fight where
|| soemone slugs another when its just say 1 point if that?
|| Ok...so had to ask something to get this thing going again...:)
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