Stealth and Awareness

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At 11:03 AM 5/29/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi everyone...its been a while since I last posted a
>response, but here goes!
>I was under the impression that the skill 'Thief'
>included ancillary skills and traits common to the
>profession.  That would include any skill not
>specificly named in the Skills table such as hiding,
>sneaking, ACTIVE listening (eg. beyond a closed door),
>etc.  And since this skill is a profession skill (EL
>or 80), it was largely a percentage modified by
>But you point out a huge ommision by Powers and Perils
>in terms of observation.  They tried to overcome this
>by using a mathmatical average of Intelligence and
>Empathy (I+Em/2) as a percentage, such as to avoid a
>trap door.  As a house rule, I have added the
>Attribute (NOT a skill) Perception.  It is treated
>like Constitution and Appearance for purposes of

I use a similar perception house rule here.  Don't forget the find
secret traps skills on the website :)

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