Stealth and Awareness

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Tue May 28 21:52:21 CEST 2002

Yes, I know we have the Ambush table for general encounters and such, but
how does everyone here handle general cases of stealth. i.e. moving quietly
past guards, or remaining hidden from pursuers?

One way of handling this would be to add a "Stealth" skill, but that would
require quite a few retroactive changes to the system (Thief and Assassin
would need this, which would modify their skill costs).  And similarly, one
would need an "Awareness" or "Perception" skill as a defense against it.
And existing characters will obvisouly feel gimped if you start using this
stuff, but they don't have the skills.  And ret-conning characters to fit
new skills gets ugly.

I've just started looking at the problem at several angles, poking at using
Survival skill (in wilds) or trailing/thief/assassin skills (City, or where
appropriate) vs. those skills, vs Attributes, or a combination. Still
nothing that I am happy with yet, but I am still early on the number

What does everyone else out there use for these cases?
          -- Burton

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