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At 02:49 AM 5/9/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Wout, You going to kick these spammers off the list? :)

Given the relatively low level of spam on the list, it seems that the
automatic spam filters provided by the listserv are working. Of course, on
one hand the list is relatively open to spam attacks, as anyone, even a
non-list-member may post a message on it. But on the other hand, I see less
spam on the list in a year than in some of my mail accounts on a daily basis.

Rest assured, any spammers who do so by first becoming a member and sending
completely, but really completely, unrelated messages to the list, are
quietly removed. I have had to do so twice since the list began and hope to
keep it to an absolute minimum.

That enough for you?

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