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>So any chance anyone has these published items (from the website)?
>It would be nice to complete the collection :)


Yes I do have those. If it says [Scanned] on the site, it means that I do
(or should) have a copy somewhere on my disks or backups. It may take some
time to dig them up, and I only do that if someone personally asks me for a
specific article (or lost of specific articles).

Most of it is in .tiff format or something like that at low resolutions, so
you will have to print it to make sense of it, or find some very very good
OCR program.


>Conforming P and P                    Heroes,
>The Royal City of     Perilous Lands  Heroes,
>Donara                Background      Vol.I, No.5                 [Scanned]
>A Traveller's Guide   Travel          Heroes,
>to Donara             description     Vol.I, No.1                 [Scanned]
>Three Quests for                      Heroes,
>Curses                Adventure       Vol.II,                     [Scanned]
>Weapon Masters        NPC             Heroes,                     [Scanned]
>                       Description     Vol.I, No.3
>                                       Heroes,
>The Laws of Magic     Creating Magic  Heroes,                     [Scanned]
>                       Items           Vol.I, No.5
>The Devices of Oom    Examples of     Heroes,                     [Scanned]
>                       Magic Items     Vol.I, No.5
>The Creations of                      Heroes,
>Abnaric Elgar         Creature Stats  Vol.II,                     [Scanned]
>                                       No.3
>So What's So Great                    Heroes,
>about P and P         Sales pitch     Vol.I, No.1           [On paper only]
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