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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Thu May 2 07:17:14 CEST 2002

So any chance anyone has these published items (from the website)?
It would be nice to complete the collection :)

Conforming P and P                    Heroes,
The Royal City of     Perilous Lands  Heroes,
Donara                Background      Vol.I, No.5                 [Scanned]
A Traveller's Guide   Travel          Heroes,
to Donara             description     Vol.I, No.1                 [Scanned]
Three Quests for                      Heroes,
Curses                Adventure       Vol.II,                     [Scanned]
Weapon Masters        NPC             Heroes,                     [Scanned]
                      Description     Vol.I, No.3
The Laws of Magic     Creating Magic  Heroes,                     [Scanned]
                      Items           Vol.I, No.5
The Devices of Oom    Examples of     Heroes,                     [Scanned]
                      Magic Items     Vol.I, No.5
The Creations of                      Heroes,
Abnaric Elgar         Creature Stats  Vol.II,                     [Scanned]
So What's So Great                    Heroes,
about P and P         Sales pitch     Vol.I, No.1           [On paper only]

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