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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Thu May 2 07:15:32 CEST 2002

At 06:40 PM 5/1/02 +0200, you wrote:
>I'm having a problem going into the archives. Is it just me? I do notice
>when it tries to access the site it puts part of the address twice. By
>erasing one of the repeats I was able to see the archives again.
>Let me know if this is just my network doing this. Thanks

I've not noticed that.  i had trouble awhile back with sept oct and nov last
not being able to read the archives.  But just a while ago Ij was on
and archiving up april  1-119 of the posts.  Impressive month since
feb only had 5 :)

But I archive all the months into a single file nad store them on another
computer here.

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