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At 08:31 AM 3/28/02 -0500, you wrote:
>||  Sounds fairly straight forward enough, sorta. ;) I've never had to deal
>||with PC's creating stuff from scratch; repairing, yes, but no out right
>||"built from scratch".
>I'm just looking ahead on this one, even if it never comes up.
>And repairing is another beef with me....what, it's repaired with silver
>thread or something?  WAY too expensive.

Well you have to consider they might be using pre industrial age smelting
processes which take a good amount of trial and error thus it takes alot
of material till its right.  Till the new smelting processes of our 1800s were
invented blacksmithy wasn't a very cheap job.

>||  Personally, I think I'd probably just create a simple "Item<-->Time"
>||and groups stuff together. The system you mentioned doesn't really take
>||account how difficult it is to make an item. A fighting dagger would
>I had thought about taking the smallest basic weapon of each class (Dagger,
>for blades, Axe, for axes, etc) and use it to determine the baseline
>cost/pound and figure creation time from there.

That might work.  You also have to put into account skill level,
town/city size, guilds (since there were blacksmith like guilds that would
process professional and non-guild labor), materials (supply lines),
supply/demand locally (war? heavy war?  less production),
and finally country (a place like climan would produce more swords than
axes since theres no trees, but a country say in the great forests would
in axes), etc..

>Item time to create is probably good to know...when the players stroll into
>town looking to get some armor, they don't buy it off the rack, but it has
>to be made for them, otherwise I would give them a +1 to the strike rank
>(due to ill-fit) and a chance of reduced effectiveness (roll d6, reduce AV
>by 1 on a 1 for a near fit, on a 1 or 2 on a poor fit)

That's a good way of doing it..

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