Choinski, Burton Burton.Choinski at MATRIXONE.COM
Thu Mar 28 14:31:39 CET 2002

||  Sounds fairly straight forward enough, sorta. ;) I've never had to deal
||with PC's creating stuff from scratch; repairing, yes, but no out right
||"built from scratch".

I'm just looking ahead on this one, even if it never comes up.

And repairing is another beef with me....what, it's repaired with silver
thread or something?  WAY too expensive.

||  Personally, I think I'd probably just create a simple "Item<-->Time"
||and groups stuff together. The system you mentioned doesn't really take
||account how difficult it is to make an item. A fighting dagger would

I had thought about taking the smallest basic weapon of each class (Dagger,
for blades, Axe, for axes, etc) and use it to determine the baseline
cost/pound and figure creation time from there.

Item time to create is probably good to know...when the players stroll into
town looking to get some armor, they don't buy it off the rack, but it has
to be made for them, otherwise I would give them a +1 to the strike rank
(due to ill-fit) and a chance of reduced effectiveness (roll d6, reduce AV
by 1 on a 1 for a near fit, on a 1 or 2 on a poor fit)
         -- Burton

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