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||That would be nice a nice addition to the site. (Just don't expect it to
||appear directly. I still have a load of material waiting to get formatted
||for the site.

I'll get the document started and pre-formatted as I wait for submissions.
I also plan to get some sort of "tasks" document put together for my use,
detailing in order the various skill tasks that people can do for easy
reference (with difficulties and everything).  I want it for my own uses, no
reason why I cannot submit it.

||Now that I have started DMing again I seem to have hardly any
||time left for maintaining the site.) I always thought the repair costs
||mentioned in the rules were ridiculous, but we never made a new rule that
||was really satisfying.

I have something in mind for repairs, but it will be based to some degree on
whatever I put together for armorcrafting rules.  When i get something I'll
post it here.

Game Note: My new group seems to be basing themselves out of Djanisborg, so
I'll probably be posting new stuff for them (can go on the Djani pages) as
well as Firazi stuff.

This group could be interesting. One of the female players is a station 4
from Djanisborg.  Given their view on women not spoken for, I'm probably
going to make the GM fiat that she is a recent widower.  The other female
player is station 1 I think.  The two male players (A Kameri and a Dwarf
from the mountains around Kameri) are immigrants to Djanisborg (and thus I
am starting them off with 60 in Djani, so everyone can talk :)  While the
Kameri is a "newcomer", he is tough enough to speak for her.  Oh, and the
high-station female has a Fay Horse as a "pet" (Special Event), and is a
trained assassin.  The dwarf and Kameri are heavy warriors.

It could well be very odd up in Djan. :}

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At 09:02 AM 3/28/2002 -0500, Burton wrote:
>What do other people use for occupation wages?  Blacksmith, fletcher?
>Healer?  Everyone post and I'll try and put together a comprehensive
>document together for Wout's pages.
>            -- Burton

Some other things I should mention concerning the website:
- A version of the p&p website is still hosted on (at the university), and will remain
there for the foreseeable future. There is, however, also a version hosted
on a different machine, found at or This is actually one of my home machines,
which is now permanently online. The two sites differ slightly, as on my
home machine there are now PDF versions of Books I and II available.

- Those of you who are interested in the PDFs can go to the rules section
of the site, or directly to and . Both are available in different
versions, ranging from the original rules to those incorporating most of
the extensions and additions published by AH, as explained on those pages.

The PDFs are not (and will not be) available from the version of the site. The uni has a
strict copyright policy.

My apologies to all of you who I promised to send a copy of those books and
still didn't receive one.(I know someone who has been waiting patiently for
over a year now.) Now you can download it for yourself. And if anyone still
finds errors in them, please let me know (or mail Matijs van Zuijlen
directly, he cretaed those books). We can then update the books on the
site, and post a message on the list that new versions are available.


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