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>Ok, so let's go by pure crafting rules. A broadsword cost of 130CC divided
>by 2.5 is 52CC in materials, leaving 78CC in labor (9.7 days). A greatsword
>is 160CC in materials, leaving 240CC in labor (30 days). This has the
>advanatage of being simpler, but does the material cost for a greatsword
>(22CC per pound) make sense given the 8CC per pound for a dagger, which is
>in reality just a smaller bladed weapon?  As for times, the HARN game system
>has a dagger being produced in about 20 man hours (2 days), while a
>greatsword takes 200 man hours (20 days).

I'm not about the cost yet.  i'd have to sit and study it.  But the time above
is pretty
typical.  I saw once a military historian notes the average time a smith took
make a greatsword was 13 days.  So that's not all that far off.

>Presumably, an established armorer will have apprentices, allowing him to
>get items created in half or one-third the time (but at double cost or
>triple cost, to cover the apprentices).  Larger armories will have multiple
>armorers and apprentices working on large projects.

I'd think the apprentinces would be more for the fancy stuff like jewel
implacement and decoration of the hilt.

>Okay, so this has been long, rambling message.  While it may not be accurate
>to use the x2.5 rule of thumb, it is quick and simple.  And it does tell us
>that your basic chainmail at 16GC will take 120 days to create on your own,
>or about 60 days with apprentice help.

>Any comments on this?  I managed to find a nice "value enhancement" table
>from one of the Harn sites that I plan to adapt and will post at some point,
>but given the quietness of the list I figured I might as well throw
>something out there and see if anyone else has had similar situations with
>their players.

I've never thought of this stuff till now.  it was all home grown on the fly 
type rules.

If I were to come up with a formal system i might separate it into
groups like

home goods

then subdivide it into formula for each area rather than one global thing
for everything.  

For weapons you could base it on say a per WSB/FV # basis rather than
hours or weight/cost.  Various things like that.

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