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>--- Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:
>> If you can't find anyone theres always a PBEM game
>> on the net.  There
>> are currently 2 going on right now.
>Problem is that I don't know how to play :( I have the
>rules and must confess that they are a bit complex and
>would like to see the game run by a GM who is well
>versed in them.

Its not that hard really.  Its just what your doing here typing
up posts.  I believe alex sent you my game website and it
has a couple things on what a PBEM is in more detail and
how you'd play.  You can see many of the game updates and
see how it progresses.  You simply take a character and decide
on actions and then post those actions to the GM as you would
talk to the GM on a table session.  It can still be fun and allows
you to play the game while you might not in your city.  I don't
have any players here in terms of other GMs (I have some players
in town but due to time and such games are less frequent).
If you don't have such players then this is a good choice.  I'm
playing a character in my own game simply cause i don't get to
play :<  Too bad he almost got killed by a single blow when
he foolishly charged into battle :<

I hate that GM...oh wait..that's me?..no I hate those dice..yeah
that's it.. :)

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