Powers and Perils

John Raner katkin_kalvin at YAHOO.COM
Tue Dec 17 03:39:38 CET 2002

--- Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:
> Its not that hard really.  Its just what your doing
> here typing
> up posts.  I believe alex sent you my game website
> and it
> has a couple things on what a PBEM is in more detail
> and
> how you'd play.

I know how to play by post :). I am currently playing
in several. What I meant was that I am so unfamiliar
with the P&P rules that I wouldn't know how to fully
create a character. If you would be interested in
helping me get started please contact me off list.


"It is a shame that governments are chiefed by the devil tongues"

Chief Ten Bears

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