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On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 11:38:27PM -0500, Scott Adams wrote:
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> >Hiya.
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> >  I'm a bit more "unorthodox" with shields. For me, I figure you should get
> >experties in it if you use it in combat. If you never get a shield hit, so
> >what? Who's to say that you didn't use your shield to push him a bit, or
> >distract him with it? Maybe your opponent is so damn good he always gets
> >past your shield...that doesn't mean that you didn't use it, or that you
> >didn't learn anything. Well, in my book that's what it means. :)
> >
> >  So, I generally give out XPT on a case by case basis; if you used your
> >shield in combat, and it never got hit, and niether did you, I'll give
> >something like 1 to 4. If you got hit, and so did your shield, I give the 2x
> >CDF. If you get hit, and your shield never does, I give something like 1x
> >CDF. Pretty loose, but fair.
> Yeah.  Even this seems a bit more fair than in the book method.  I guess
> its how it is face value.  I tend to take it case by case.  Just cause
> a rock is thrown at someone and you just reflex bring up your arm which
> happens to have a shield on it and the rock hits the shield doens't mean
> you learn next time to use the shield.  Just means you have good
> reflexes :)

Yes, but what other ways are there to use a shield, except putting it
where something might hit you? To put it another way: The EL tells you
how good your reflexes are.

And another note: The EL is added to the opponent's attack roll, so
basically you use the shield _every time_ someone tries to hit you. In
our group, the same amount of EXP is given to the shield skill as to
your weapon skill after a fight (I hope Wout agrees this is what we do.
His explanation seemed different.).

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