Shield rules

Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Fri Dec 13 00:10:45 CET 2002

> >Scott Adams wrote:
> >
> >>How do you guys deal with shield experience?
> >>
> >>Do you simply get experience if a shield hit occurs?
> >>What do you guys say?
> >>
> It just seems weird to do that when a guard may just yawn and raise his
shield in the exact time to block a rock or something.
> >
Just like the guard may stretch while yawning and run someone thru with his
C'mon, how else is someone going to get experience with their shield (except
for boring study)?
And yes, they do use it in combat and it can make the difference between
being spitted and being missed.
Do you want to keep track of all the possible times the shield made for a
different result? Are you going to track it to the shield hanging there (no
exp since just mobile cover) and when it was the skill in it's use that made
the difference (exp because skill was used)?
If so, well...have fun.

Myself, when I ref I keep it simple. I use rules 2.22 and 2.221. i.e. 1
partial if shield is used but no hits scored on it, cdf x 2 expertise if the
shield blocks a hit.
If that is a give-away of expertise, so be it.

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