Misc Magic, etc...

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Thu Mar 8 15:32:00 CET 2001

Miscelaneous (sp?) Magic Items are always sooo much fun.

Bag of infinite holding: Bag with oblivion ward on it's surface... of
course you run the risk that when you reach in to retrieve something...
alternately you can simply cancel the spell (if the GM allows you to be the
caster) and the item would return to the surface... alternately the GM
could have an intelligence (ie. demon/soul/something) controlling the bag.

Please remember that all bag items DO appear in the plane of Oblivion (and
can be scrounged by certain travellers).

Bag of protected sleep: Sleeping bag of extra space (for two... :). Also
can have an AV. Alternates include; weather protection, watchful sleep
ward, protection ward, oblivion ward (either anyone touching it or the
persons inside it), Extra comfort (200% more comfy than your usual sleeping
bag, almost like being at home!).

You know I really should start a "Uncle Otto's" Sort of magazine for P&P.
It could really be fun. (for those unfamiliar with Uncle Otto - Shame on


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